All deleted tweets from politicians

Honoured to be re-elected as MP for Central Ayrshire & will continue to help constituents as well as supporting community groups & promoting local economy.

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RT @CatalansForYes: RT @CatalansForYes: Shocking how obsessed some parties are with independence...

RT @CatalansForYes: ÚLTIMA HORA: Una quinzena de diputats britànics presenten una moció denunciant la persecució judicial contra Carme Forcadell

RT @NeilFindlay_MSP: Looks like the complete failure to engage in the Devo max discussion and howls from nationalists and unionists makes my point for me - they prefer division entrenchment over a debate about what is best for the country

RT @pricklygerry: @Dr_PhilippaW @Feorlean How about a retweet to raise funds for classrooms for Malawi? Mike your old school and Doc P your nearest. Just because things are bad here we need to remember there are those worse off than us.

@lancewalton @Channel4News Unfortunately, we buy a lot of our food and medicines from EU, so I would suggest we need them!

RT @SaltireHope: @everywoman61 @BBCScotland @STVNews @BBCGaryR here’s a wee project Gary to show that you are truly ‘unbiased’ .. really get to grips with this and invite real people like @LesleyRiddoch and @Dr_PhilippaW @joannaccherry to be given the space to explain to the people of Scotland what has just happened

RT @JOANEY99: @Donswanny @Macaulich @ConnorGillies @NicolaSturgeon You got no respect left @Donswanny ? Scotland has been treated atrociously by Westminster and it obvious May not going to change her mind or any deal what’s the point/ the ‘call to FM was just an afterthought in the total circus Brexit shambles #DissolveTheUnion

RT @NA_MoneyMatters: We fully support extending the £20 uplift to people in receipt of legacy benefits in line with the extra given to claimants in receipt of UC.

RT @SadieKyle2: @Dr_PhilippaW Did he really just do that? Claim credit for the hard work of @scotgov while forgetting to say only 2 of the new cases were in Scotland and we have contained a cluster outbreak.? Shameful! Wake up England!!!.

RT @MacbedaB: @MorvaWortley @JOdonnell587 @Sheilam19534814 @Dr_PhilippaW @AngelaRayner @theSNP Aye and as soon as it was over we got English Votes for English Laws in Westminster (de facto English Parliament) but It can ride roughshod over our Scottish Parliament at will because England has more MPs than all the others.