All deleted tweets from politicians

I am grateful to the people of Central Ayrshire for electing me as their @theSNP MP. I will do my best to serve all the people of this constituency.

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RT @nancybell003: RT @nancybell003: @Dr_PhilippaW @theresa_may @Jeremy_Hunt clearly no clue what the question was about so retreated to "agency" Massive issu…

RT @Valerie33087475: RT @Valerie33087475: She warned the lot of us !! Nicola Sturgeon lays out her concerns over Boris Johnson via @YouT…

RT @martinmckee: The EU has invited U.K. to join the Joint Procurement initiative for medical countermeasures. The U.K. has refused. This is utter insanity. Johnson clearly thinks Brexit more important than British lives.

RT @John_G_MacA: @Kennyaberdeen @theSNP Same. Siblings & I all Glenrothes Primary & Comp’s & all 3 doing fairly well in professions/business. NHS (thank you Ninewells Neurosurgery!) has saved my darling wife 3 times, delivered my grandchildren....etc. I live in Scotland for many reasons. One is the public services.

RT @emilysgbryce: RT @emilysgbryce: @Dr_PhilippaW @katieb1110 It’s heartless, they’re wicked beyond belief. Let’s make sure they don’t form the next UK Gov.

RT @emilysgbryce: @Dr_PhilippaW @StirlingWFI You’re looking good in our @ButterfliesRis1 mask, we’re all doing well and working towards creating respectful debate. #staysafe

RT @DerickfaeYell: @fi3776 @Dr_PhilippaW @theSNP Nobody goes back. 29 years since I left Labour to join the SNP. Never regretted it. If anything I get more committed every year Welcome!

RT @niallbtwit: RT @niallbtwit: @Dr_PhilippaW Meanwhile ‘vote no in the independence referendum to save your EU membership.’