All deleted tweets from politicians

From 3rd May I will no longer be an MP as Parliament will have been dissolved for the General Election. I will be standing for re-election for Central Ayrshire.

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RT @DDParky: RT @DDParky: Out campaigning in Busby for @kirstenoswald tonight. Lots of support on the doorsteps! #VoteSNP #GE17

RT @A_Robertson75: @alibali50 @DorothyBruce14 @alanferrier @Innealadair I can think of some fact checking sites who might like to ask @StevePeers, Professor of EU, Human Rights & World Trade Law at the University of Essex, about Ian Murray's claim that a 3% deficit is a criteria for joining the EU...

RT @A_Robertson75: @leomiklasz Why doesn't Nicola Sturgeon have the "ambition" of the Tories' COVID policies in England? I'd have thought the answer to why she wouldn't follow Tory policies on COVID would be glaringly obvious.…

RT @A_Robertson75: @NicolaSturgeon @erikgeddes @BBCGaryR @STVColin @ScotNational @callumbaird1 @bellacaledonia @JamesKelly @JoeFitzSNP @Feorlean @JohnSwinney @KeithBrownSNP Why does Tory MP John Lamont think it is 'beneficial' for his constituents to follow the COVID handling policies in England which has the highest excess death rate in Europe?

RT @FCCcommuter: @mrjamesob From The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, published in 1910. Seems like the newspapers have been at it for a long time.

RT @Lowlander1314: Let's all get behind @MairiMcAllan and help her in any way we can, so she can give Fluffy Mundell his marching orders! #VoteSNP

Genomic analysis showed Scotland eliminated virtually all of ~300 #COVID19 strains from 1st wave, before holiday travel imported new ones. SA variant is real threat so need to copy Pacific countries. #CovidSecure

RT @TalyaVarga: Six months ago the UK went into lockdown to fight #Covid19 Half a year ago I was carefree, I could dance, cycle, do my own food shopping and breathe. Now I'm back on bed rest and need tablets to lower my heart rate. #CountLongCovid @lesleymacniven

RT @HaylockAndre: RT @HaylockAndre: #EastDunbartonshire has a simple choice @MrJohnNicolson who's consistently voted against welfare cuts or pro-fracking @jo…

@marcuscarslaw1 Here is same graph for #COVID19 CASES during 2nd/3rd wave.