All deleted tweets from politicians

Honoured to be MP for Central Ayrshire & will continue to help all constituents as well as supporting community groups & promoting local economy.

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RT @JackHaas14: @SimonFRCox Is there nobody in the Home Office with a brain? There are many of these cases with ridiculous outcomes. Surely there should be a panel that these things can be referred to? A panel with the ability to fix obvious errors. Better still, change the rules.

RT @yesinmylifetime: @JJCaprice1 @momma11 @BestForBritain Also if standards lowered, products such as our current high quality food and drink will be undercut. Bad for business. Trust in our current high standards will go to.

RT @yesinmylifetime: @Benjwestwood @AberJohnny @jammach @RogueCoder250 @NicolaSturgeon Now we can all say with conviction that he's for a hard brexit. His party have 2 come to terms with that quickly and decide if they follow their leader or not. They really need to sort themselves out. They've been deluding themselves for a long time about JC's stance.

RT @gorbalsgal: RT @gorbalsgal: @Dr_PhilippaW Yes you did. Oh that we had journalists & broadcasters with pride in their profession.

RT @gorbalsgal: RT @gorbalsgal: Never, Never, Never in Independent Scotland, NEVER ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽◽…

RT @gorbalsgal: @Dr_PhilippaW @joannaccherry Spot on. I get so very irked when I remember MP's rushing to vote to issue A50 letter. (gross dereliction of duty by all who voter for it in absence of a plan!) Incandescent at those not voting for default A50 withdrawal. WM not fit for purpose. #ItsTime #ScotlandinEU #indyref2

RT @gorbalsgal: @stephenkerrMP @AlexNeilSNP & yet 62%, a cross every voting region delivered a remain verdict. What have you done to reflect the vote of your constituents - yep sold them down the Thames & tried to ensure their kids & grandkids are both isolated & worse off PROUD #DissolveTheUnion #indyref2

RT @gorbalsgal: @Dr_PhilippaW Sadly it is yet another fail for democracy. UK democracy has been moving further into deficit for several decades. Quite when bottom will be hit I know not For Scotland's sake very very soon and independence will give us the chance to reestablish and secure ours.

RT @devisridhar: Sobering. 4 million cases already. Feels like just yesterday we were learning about a new pathogen that had infected a handful of people in Wuhan in Dec 2019.

RT @bappers3: @Kirstene4Angus Sorry Kirstene, no. I'm a Band 7 nurse, on top increment, and the tax "hike" barely sees me paying £10 extra per month. Stop making up stories, and stop using nurses as cannon fodder.