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🌹Labour MP for #Tooting 🗣Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health 👩‍⚕️A&E Doctor 🏠Born & raised in Tooting 📧

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Best semi we've all see in a while!

I was pleased with how dedicated Will is to making sure the scheme works for our area and he was insistent that none of the measures put in place are permanent and can all change.

TfL are arranging a public consultation meeting soon, plus they sent letters to every local house before the scheme started. I am pleased that they are receptive to feedback and I hope some changes can be made in coming weeks.

Some people have raised issues about delays to emergency service vehicles. Will, and the team at TfL, are going to review the data as soon as it's available. There is a possibility of removing some cycling barriers/wands in hotspots which would help solve the issue.

It should also be made clear that Wandsworth Council had input-in and approved the A24 scheme before it was launched. However, the Council did not consult TfL about the LTN scheme; TfL have experts who could have helped but Wandsworth ploughed ahead without consulting anybody.

We must make our streets safer and healthier, and schemes like this must involve the local community - which is why I am thankful for Will for his time today. I just wish the Council had been as constructive.

Finally, something I must add: This discussion must be respectful, polite and conducted without intimidation or vandalism. I won’t engage with anybody who launches into personal insults. Thanks to those who have tried to make the debate a more constructive one.

Today, I took @willnormansadiq, London's Cycling Commissioner, from Balham to Tooting Broadway to discuss some of the issues with the A24 cycle superhighway. We met with several businesses and headteachers to see what can be done to alleviate any problems which are occurring.

How about something like: After honest, constructive discussion with @TootingMarket, @lonefishtooting is here to stay. The notice of eviction has been overturned and Chris will remain as a vital part of our Tooting community. I'm always proud to back local business.