All deleted tweets from politicians

Ekonom. Riksdagsledamot (V). Och så vidare.

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RT @annadamarii: my immigrant parents showing 10 yr. old me government documents they received, expecting me to be able to fully translate them…

RT @Seamus_Malek: RT @Seamus_Malek: Bernie Sanders dances exactly like I do at the club and you know what, I respect it

RT @anntikapitalist: Äntligen lite reformer för vanligt folk! Reformer som i grunden tar tag i våra Stora samhällsproblem som kollapsad sjukvård, ökande gängkriminalitet och en välfärd inte värd namnet. TACK CENTERPARTIET för att ni har örat mot marken och en fantastisk verklighetsförankring!

RT @InternetHippo: RT @InternetHippo: the last president who aggressively taxed high incomes won 4 terms & they had to change the constitution to make sure it…

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @ziyatong :

RT @ziyatong: RT @ziyatong: note the casual entry and hurried exit this is an experienced seagull shoplifter

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @foie :

RT @foie: RT @foie: that's me in the corner.

RT @michaelsayman: RT @michaelsayman: I’m here at the Bernie Sanders rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I can’t believe the amount of people here.…

RT @EoinHiggins_: RT @EoinHiggins_: This video of demonstrators in Oakland breaking curfew and dancing is bringing me a lot of joy