All deleted tweets from politicians

Ekonom. Riksdagsledamot (V). Och så vidare.

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RT @gunnarssonhanna: Svensk Damtidnings reklam på instagram är fantastisk. Estelles mormor och farmor är två HELT OLIKA kvinnor. Tänka sig.…

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @aishacs :

RT @aishacs: This Toni Morrison quote changed my life.

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @arawnsley :

RT @arawnsley: When you're trying to look cool and tough and then a fish gets the drop on you

RT @InternetHippo: Society will crumble if people who have $50M have to pay a 2% tax on money above that amount…

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @talkwordy :

RT @talkwordy: No the fuck it is not…

RT @ThomasSeltzer: Nostradamus with amnesia…

Ali Esbati (sweden) replied to @Eija2U :

@Eija2U @CrowHater1 Ja. Därför håller vi inte på med ständiga KU-anmälningar.

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @apignataro :

RT @apignataro: I challenge you to find a better self-own than this

RT @welcomet0nature: Oh my gosh... I was videoing this baby having a bad dream, and watch what his sister does!! 🥰🥰 "…

RT @welcomet0nature: In case you were wondering how big an eagles foot is. It’s this big.