All deleted tweets from politicians

Riksdagsledamot Utrikesutskottet. Förtroendevald sen -98. Gjort mycket! Fd partisekreterare. Nu bl a #Miljö #Klimat #Bistånd #Stockholm #Vego Press? 0736828000

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RT @BoingBoing: Watch how unhatched birds get oxygen inside their shells, and file this great explainer under "questions previously unconsidered that have interesting answers."…

RT @MarianKeyes: Me: I do ALL the things!!! Fitness Expert Person: You don't do PILATES. Your core is like a MARSHMALLOW. Do you ski? No! Play hockey? No! Play the national game of Kazakhstan where they use the skulls of their enemies instead of a ball? No. Then you might as well NOT BOTHER!!!

RT @MarianKeyes: Me: Cardio? I walk a good bit Fitness Expert Person: Walking? Pshaw! You need to RUN! Me: I do run FEP: Thass pathetic, if you dont lift weights! Me: I do lift weights FEP: Weight-lifting won't raise your heartrate, you pathetic failure, you must do cardio! Me: Cardio? I wa-

RT @MarianKeyes: RT @MarianKeyes: It just never gets old

RT @MarianKeyes: RT @MarianKeyes: Oh! So GREAT! If you're able, PLEASE read her powerful book.…

RT @SanamF24: Young Iranian who was active during the 2009 so-called Green Movement tells me it’s not our crowd this time around. These are lower income protesters. They have nothing to lose. We don’t share the same grievances. We don’t necessarily feel good about them either (1) #Iranprotests

RT @SanamF24: (2) we are actually afraid of losing what we already have as a result of these protests. But these men and women haven’t had a voice up until this point. So this is their chance. They’re damaging property etc. It doesn’t get worse than this. #iranprotests

RT @Slutsats: RT @Slutsats: Det slog mig precis: Ännu ett år utan semmellyxshake från Max. Vad sysslar @Arkelsten med egentligen? ☹️

RT @petercbowden: RT @petercbowden: 'happy grandma cookies, inc., has ended its relationship with the NRA' wow, great news! I have absolutely no follow-up q…