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Green candidate for Mayor of London. Sign up: Co-leader, Green Party of England and Wales. London Assembly, Camden Council.

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RT @seanlondonandon: TFL control the TLRN it could provide a min. cycling network that would enable many more people to chose to cycle. I dont understand why we are not seeing protected temp cycle lanes being installed on all of these. Other cities like Paris heading to a better future, us a car boom

RT @adribuller: Home insulation scheme aims to make 650k homes more energy efficient. There are 24 million dwellings in England - that's less than 3%. Not to mention it's a bonus for asset owners, not renters. Nowhere near the scale of what's needed.

RT @jamesalexmorris: RT @jamesalexmorris: .@CarolineRussell: "If there's any desire to divide our community, they won't succeed. Because Islington is better tha…

RT @Nadjdaniela: Trump just announced that he will deploy the National Guard so that they "dominate" the streets. If this doesn't work he will deploy the US military. This is like a declaration of war against his own people now. #Trump

RT @Nadjdaniela: This is terrible and displays a total lack of knowledge about international law on the part of Dominic Raab. The US was not attacked. There is no right to pre-emptive self-defense in international law. It's strictly prohibited by the UN Charter. How can this pass unchallenged?…

RT @LEMcClelland: It’s costing me around £250 a month to heat my flat during winter Flat has outdated, uneconomical, & non-eco friendly storage heaters No incentive to the landlord to change them, even with @NottmRenters licensing scheme Trapped here due to age discrimination in Housing Benefit

RT @LEMcClelland: I went to school during Section 28 I’ve been on the receiving end of an education system that fails to acknowledge LGBT+ students We need our allies to step up and support us on this #InclusiveSRE #InclusiveEducation #Parkfield #NoOutsiders #LGBT…

RT @LEMcClelland: Officially @TheGreenParty candidate for the local elections Looking to bring a green voice to the labour dominated Nottingham City Council #castleward #nottingham #activegreens #greenchangeseverything

RT @LEMcClelland: I've had such a great time running a workshop @gruene_jugend 52nd Federal Congress Meeting 500 activists passionate about system change, campaigning for the environment, and creating an open and sustainable Europe Thank you for welcoming me so warmly 💚🙏🌈 #BeBraveGreenEurope

RT @LEMcClelland: Absolutely buzzing to have been at the @YHGreenParty European election campaign launch Let’s work hard and get @MagicMagid elected as @TheGreenParty newest MEP #BeBraveGreenEurope #ChooseHopeOverHate #ForNowForTheFuture