All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, Queen's Counsel and Feminist.

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In @HouseofCommons in July I was given v firm reassurance by junior justice minister @AlexChalkChelt that the U.K. remained committed to #ECHR & effective remedies for breaches thereof so I’ll be following this up with him #HumanRights

RT @matt_hfoster: Justice Secretary Robert Buckland not ruling out further legislation to back up the NHS contact tracing app - but cool on idea of compulsory downloads. Comes amid warnings 60% of population will need to have it on their phones for it to be effective.

RT @ShaunKing: One person died in a stabbing by a Muslim in Paris yesterday. One. And the President of the United States, and conservatives nationwide, condemned it. 55 Palestinian protestors were shot to death today by Israeli snipers & Democrats are radio silent. It's appalling.

RT @MaryMo35757168: @YescafeEdSouth Thanks Mike for organising such a great event @queens_hall #Norwayscreening with @LesleyRiddoch and @joannaccherry two ladies who talk a lot of sense.

RT @MaryMo35757168: Just seen this film. Truly inspirational. Showing the series to our No friends could well help them on the road to Indy! Please help fund. Thank you @LesleyRiddoch @joannaccherry @PhantomPower14…

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RT @alba11759841: @joannaccherry @theSNP You’re a true inspiration to thousands of women in Scotland and probably far wider. You’ve got all of us behind you 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

RT @Sweetandproper1: @joannaccherry So you think this is inconvenient? The People's voice has been trashed by Parliament. The People have nothing left but Civil Unrest. Be warned: Leavers are FURIOUS. If Parliament continues in this vein - this will look tame..

RT @renatovegao: It's been a pleasure to have @ClaraPonsati, @epaluzie and @joannaccherry greeting the Catalans who have come to Edinburgh to show Europe that Catalonia will be a new Republic and that our political prisoners will be free! ❤️