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SNP MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey

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RT @StaceyMcCrear92: "Do the right thing” the SNP's Biz spokesperson @drewhendrySNP tells the Chancellor, calling on him to reinvest unexpected returns of furlough money into support for small businesses and those who have fallen through the gaps of available support.…

Grateful to @alisonthewliss for allowing me to intervene in her excellent speech so that I could highlight the impact #Erasmus has had on our region. Losing the scheme is a devasting a blow to @ThinkUHI and the many people robbed of the opportunity to benefit from the scheme.

RT @Paullynch46Paul: RT @Paullynch46Paul: Some of these replies appear to have been written by Hallmark cards.…

RT @anoukkkloppert: RT @anoukkkloppert: Polling day today 7am to 10pm vote today every single one counts.

RT @_youhadonejob1: RT @_youhadonejob1: Nice to see the ancient Egyptian God Anubis on the train.

RT @Damian_Barr: So, I talked for an hour with the democratically elected leader of a country about her genuine passion for reading and the power of books to change minds and lives and policy. Shocked by the abuse on my timeline. A lot of trolls very upset by one woman reading lots.

RT @mdouganlpool: First reading of UK Internal Market Bill: - for devolution, it's as bad as many had feared, if not a bit worse; - for the Northern Ireland Protocol, and the UK's reputation in the rules-based international order, it's as scandalous as recent reports suggested. More shortly...

RT @cIairee: RT @cIairee: I'm absolutely devastated at the result. I wasn't a fan of Scottish independence before but now I will be supporting it 100%.

@speedyneg Why I said if they wish to use that name

I genuinely thought you must be paraphrasing @HumzaYousaf That's just jaw dropping.