All deleted tweets from politicians

Seeking re-election as the SNP MP for Glasgow South. SNP spokesperson for Defence.

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RT @montague90: Really touching evening with some beautiful speeches. We must keep working for our trans community. They deserve better.…

I honestly do not understand those hell site

RT @elisabethbraw: Very cunning Chinese propaganda campaign. The Wuhan wet market was "once believed to be the origin of the virus”, according to the Chinese government.

RT @elisabethbraw: This is fantastic! This way Covid-19 -- despite social distancing -- could lead to more societal cohesion. Here's to more green-pieces-of-paper communication!

These types of tweets amuse me the most. It’s as though matters of security, resilience and defence are to be the preserve of the centre-right. They’re not - and there’s nothing remotely progressive about surrendering to the centre-right either.

RT @JeaneF1MSP: This 👇is important and helpful. We have supplies we’re working hard on distribution with direct delivery routes now operating. If you work in health or social care & have any queries or concern about your situation please contact the direct email -

RT @DamianCollins: RT @DamianCollins: Factcheck: Do hot drinks, sipping water etc. kill the virus?

No, I don’t hang out with at the home of the head of Mi6 and eat tiffin... ◽

Lots of reading on China floating around. I’d highly recommend this collection of essays from @Harvard’s @FairbankCenter for Chinese studies. 36 experts share their analysis on everything from politics, history, environmental policy, international posture & more @MichaelSzonyi

RT @CllrTomHayes: Europe has lost a unifier and a visionary. This photo of Helmut Kohl on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall says everything.