All deleted tweets from politicians

SNP MSP for Moray. Minister for Further Education, Higher Education & Science. Self confessed MAMIL & Dons fan.

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RT @PaulaCoyscot: Is it dawning on Douglas Ross’s fan base yet that he’s just a photo-opping opportunist yet? All over the press and social media when it’s haggis ice cream, wheelie bins and opening of toilets. Don’t see him for dust when there’s real questions to answer.

Yet it’s his constituency, Moray, that’ll be hit harder than most given that 60% of jobs are below the so called “unskllled” salary threshold and also given the greater need for a working age population in Moray compared to most places. Is he just unaware of that or what?

RT @BBCPolitics: Asked if he regrets appointing Andrew Sabisky, Dominic Cummings tells reporters: "Read Philip Tetlock's Superforecasters, instead of political pundits who don't know what they're talking about." Superforecasting is a book on the science of prediction

RT @moraycab: @moraycab MSP Richard Lochead visists Moray CAB #Thankyou for your continued support and praise to our volunteers and staff for their excellent work for the people in Moray.

Usually classy, statesman-like and thoughtful contribution to the constitutional debate there from the new Tory leader.

RT @Res_Association: RT @Res_Association: we extend our best wishes to @RichardLochhead and family and thank him for his excellent service to the resources agen…

RT @AberdeenFanPage: RT @AberdeenFanPage: Absolute dire stuff, Changes needed

RT @alexGspence: EXCL: I've been leaked a personal minute from Boris Johnson to cabinet ministers in which he says wants to turn the public GOV.UK site into a platform for "targeted and personalised" data to be gathered in the run-up to Brexit.…

RT @GarethBQuinn: RT @GarethBQuinn: It's like talking to a brick wall...

RT @GarethBQuinn: In the midst of all the Brexit chaos, more good news likely to be missed. This morning alone we've learnt that in Scotland: ✅80,000+ affordable homes have now been provided since 2007 ✅Primary teacher numbers highest since 1980 ✅ Unemployment rate lowest on record