All deleted tweets from politicians

Scotland's Justice Minister. Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Pollok. Hailing from bhangra & bagpipes tradition. Believes in a fairer Scotland

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RT @missyasin: RT @missyasin: Spotted in North Carolina:

RT @akkasistan: RT @akkasistan: Irish Muslim community invites LGBT community to share Ramadan celebrations this weekend

Just a normal working-at-home day, with Spiderman cutting about the estate... @CC_Livingstone I didn't realise this is what you had in mind when you told me about @policescotland new recruits...!

RT @Kiracollison87: RT @Kiracollison87: Nicola Sturgeon is seriously impressive! #BBCDebate #NicolaSturgeon #WorldPeace

RT @KeeganSmith_Law: Not often lawyers give thanks to the Scottish Legal Aid Board @ScotsLegalAid but they have made provision which will hopefully ensure jobs are kept & the public access justice. @IanMoir5 @HumzaYousaf #SmartJustice🛠⚖️ #ThankYou

RT @jasonleitch: RT @jasonleitch: It’s the WEEKEND….◽ So…guess what??? STAY AT HOME!!!! #StayAtHome #savelives Thank you everyone.

RT @scottishprisons: Thanks to @POAScotland for volunteering to return trade union reps to frontline prison officer duties. Trade union partnership working at its best in SPS.

RT @JeaneF1MSP: RT @JeaneF1MSP: John please don’t do this. Follow the clear health guidance - you are neither an exception nor exceptional.

RT @The45Storm: RT @The45Storm: BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY? Tweet me your favourite SNP quote and I will box it for you! #SNPConf #voteSNP…