All deleted tweets from politicians

Scotland's Justice Minister. Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Pollok. Hailing from bhangra & bagpipes tradition. Believes in a fairer Scotland

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Like others I have watched the footage of CNN crew arrested & detained, it is dystopian & should be called out by all, regardless of your politics, if you believe in the democracy, effective scrutiny of authority & role of the free press in doing this.

RT @euanmccolm: this is: 1. entirely honourable. 2. embarrassing for scottish tory leader jackson carlaw who, wrongly, considers the cummings matter closed.

RT @reallorraine: RT @reallorraine: So he’s not sorry. We are too thick to appreciate the nuances of the rules. It’s all the media’s fault. And the emperor h…

RT @amsypops: RT @amsypops: @HumzaYousaf I have a memory of Urdu school, we were asked who our heroes were, u said ur dad, I said the ultimate warrior. …

RT @MovingGovanFwd: We featured on @ScotGovFM 's Daily Update on our pilot digital project work getting devices & data to those most digitally excluded in Govan! Thank you to our amazing partners @digiscot @MhorCollective @UnlockEmploy and Maslows Community Shop for their amazing input into this!

RT @MammothWhale: RT @MammothWhale: Must be utterly embarrassing to be @blairmcdougall right now.

RT @MammothWhale: Kezia: I'm off to the jungle! Ruth: I'm off to bake on TV! Nicola: I'm staying here to save BiFab and stop the insanity of Brexit! Willie: WILLIE RENNIE!

RT @DrRosena: I will respectfully challenge the Government - I want our country to succeed. However, I will not 'watch my tone' when dozens of NHS and care staff are dying unnecessarily. A clip of my Q to the Health Sec today.

RT @andrewlearmonth: RT @andrewlearmonth: Nicola Sturgeon: "You should ask yourself if going for a drive through coffee is an essential journey".

RT @NicolaSturgeon: I’m just trying to do my job - as every other government is. This tendency to read malign motives when all any of us is trying to do is tackle the virus as best we can, is tedious and misplaced.