All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @AyrshirePolice: Have you seen Charli Love (15) missing from Paisley? She's 5ft 6, slim, long fair hair and blue eyes. Wearing a khaki North Face hoodie, Nike Airmax trainers, a khaki jacket and a pink raincoat. Known to frequent Greenock and North Ayrshire. Any info to police via 101.

RT @KatyFBrand: Genuine question: have I understood correctly that the Hard/No Deal Brexit ministers are also the ones who have large off-shore fortunes? And the EU is about to introduce stronger tax regulation for these, making them much poorer?

RT @sahouraxo: These children were killed in their sleep in Yemen by Saudi Arabia with warplanes & bombs provided by the US and UK govts. Let that sink in.

RT @SpenceLivermore: RT @SpenceLivermore: This is dreadful - Labour now has the same immigration policy as UKIP and a harder Brexit policy than the Tories https…

RT @KymYSmith: Darren Grimes deleted this tweet because it doesn't fit his agenda of supporting Cummings. Let's keep it in circulation.

RT @Justinwcomedy: "No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly." -Donald Trump

RT @StFilansDream: RT @StFilansDream: Go John. Don’t take any crap from the Tory scum @ScotTories

RT @neil1pat: RT @neil1pat: A new Scottish state could be debt free. Effect of this is very significant. No Debt means standards of living rise https://t…

RT @Melisandreilidh: RT @Melisandreilidh: It's almost as though everyone has forgotten that Jo Cox was murdered in broad daylight last year.…

RT @Anamcara2015: @mrpaulaitken @scottishlabour @claudiabeamish Sadly for you, many people in Scotland & England actually talk friends, relatives there who actually remember LAB /Slab abstaining . Jan15