All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire North. SNP WM Spokesperson on N.Ireland, Wales, & Sport. Husband to Lynn, Dad to Emma and Eilidh.

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RT @AndyNic9: I’m scared to ask this question but would it have been possible to play a game of rugby the day AFTER Typhoon Faxia @rugbyworldcup I’m asking for a friend, or in fact, a whole frickin nation!!! #typhoonhaggis #RWC2019 @Scotlandteam

Good to see the appropriately *balanced coverage of the network @BBCSport of the Scotland England game. Totally and utterly skewed. Despite everything, it's as if tbey forget that network coverage isn't broadcast north of the border. *An absolute joke #EURO2020 #SCO #ENGSCO

RT @Kyle_Gunn97: I’m really looking forward to France v Germany on ITV tonight but I’ve had to turn the build up off. The bias towards England is both sickening and cringeworthy. There are two cracking teams playing and it’s England, England, England. On STV, too, that’s STV people. STV...

RT @plasmatron: I’m extremely disappointed in the @ScotlandNT β€˜s decision to stand instead of kneeling against racism. Especially in light of their English counterparts refusing to buckle to racists. I don’t doubt their intentions are good but it really is a dreadful example. Please reconsider.

RT @duncanrobinson: RT @duncanrobinson: Reminder: 244 people died in the Aegean during first four weeks of January.

It's a particularly kind of leadership that always plays to the lowest common denominator during a #pandemic. #COVID19 #Glasgow #SouthSide