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SNP MSP for Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse. Scottish Government Minister for Older People & Equalities. Retweets are not endorsements.

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RT @GenerationsWT: We have been working with @Verizon and @BITC on an online safety guide that will educators and practitioners when working with children online. We are very excited to get this out to everyone and will be putting this up on all our platforms tomorrow.

RT @GreigR85: RT @GreigR85: Universal education is what drew me to @theSNP in the first place and I rate it more highly than almost any other issue. #SNP…

RT @MNDScotland: Northern Ireland has changed the legal definition of #TerminalIllness, meaning people with #MND will not be forced to prove how long they have left to live, to be fast-tracked for benefits. @ScotGov has already made this change. Now it’s time for @GOVUK to step up. #Scrap6months

RT @thom_brooks: RT @thom_brooks: This is what Brexit looks like. And it ain't pretty. Public thought they voted for "control", but getting recession. https…

RT @Bang2write: #1DayWithoutUs B2W stands with all migrants. This country is built on immigration. My family is mixed race. #Diversity is wonderful

RT @Neil_MacKay5: RT @Neil_MacKay5: Which party is best to Vote for in Scotland to help lock the Tories out of Govt?

RT @Neil_MacKay5: RT @Neil_MacKay5: Great Day had yesterday- no-one can say the Scottish people don't want Independence ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽

RT @Nadjdaniela: 69% of EU citizens who work for the NHS would not be eligible for a visa under the new immigration system proposed by Priti Patel. This is a disgrace.#ImmigrationBill