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Proud @theSNP MP for Dundee West, SNP Shadow Secretary for International Development & Climate Justice, Himalayan M’cycle Expedition Leader, UK Parl Rep NEC

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RT @Aiannucci: To be fair, we shouldn’t expect Johnson and Hancock to supply perfect answers to complex health problems. They’re not qualified medical experts; which is why they’ve brought in specialists like the former head of TalkTalk and accountancy firm Accenture.

Extraordinary doesn’t summit up It’s one thing when folks break rules in error, in being blindsided or through spinning too many plates, but it’s quite another to wilfully, publicly & knowingly do so despite the facts. #parcelofrogues #RogueStateUK #Scotland @theSNP

RT @NicolaSturgeon: RT @NicolaSturgeon: Brilliant. Congratulations, John! ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: The limitations of devolution are being exposed by Covid-19, and not just in Scotland.

RT @Peeple_Carly: The Scottish Independent Care Review @TheCareReview is clear that The driving force at the heart of the Review are children, young people, and adults with care experience & without this continued vital contribution the Care Review could not make progress.……

@knightmaker1979 One has already announced their standing.

RT @bellacaledonia: When Teaching Your Mother Tongue is Punished with Imprisonment: in Support for Zara Mohammadi by Sarah Glynn @ChrisLawMP @billykayscot #zaramohammadi… @ChrisLawSNP

RT @PeteWishart: RT @PeteWishart: Mate, it was front page of that ‘Scottish nationalist rag’ the Daily Mail.....