All deleted tweets from politicians

Hebridean Islander, Crofter MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar Chair Int'nat Trade Select Comm Gaidhlig & Beurla og smá Islensku & Irish - RTs not endorse

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RT @murrayf00te: Three possible scenarios re Salmond: 1. There was a concerted civil service plot to nail Salmond 2. The disciplinary procedure was deliberately compromised at the most basic level to allow any future appeal to succeed. 3. Rampant ineptitude. Regardless, none is a good look.

RT @EmerSugrue: RT @EmerSugrue: Mate I was marching against this war at age 14. If I knew WMDs were bollocks, you definitely knew…

RT @StewartMcDonald: Here’s why I believe we in the independence movement should shun RT & Sputnik: “What kind of ally could you sell yourself as if you elect to make your case for independence on a platform which has been used to stifle independence elsewhere?”…

Disappointingly short Commons Statement on the New Points Based migration system and not one mention of fishing and its Labour needs or time to raise it . Home Office restricts Scotland's economy!!

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Brown rants with call for UK nations to work as an Alliance🙄 - yet when Scotland ignored on Brexit he is silent. When Scotland gets a Government we don't vote for he is silent ...what sort of meaningful alliance can there be? Does he think Ireland should return to UK? Nope!!! 🙄

RT @b_judah: RT @b_judah: Tonight Macron and Le Pen will have a 2.5 hour live moderated policy debate. Compare that to the absent, shallow UK public pol…

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: England without Scotland would be seemingly, "Embarrassed and permanently diminished in international standing" .. So Scotland, we suffer austerity and Brexit to be a bling accessory! 🙈🙈!! #BlingUnion