All deleted tweets from politicians

Heb Islander, Crofter, Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP, Chair of Int'nat Trade Comm - Gaidhlig & Beurla og smá Islensku & Irish -RTs not endorse #UpTheDeise🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴

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RT @FergusEwingMSP: We cannot wait for UK Tories to come to the aid of Scotland’s seafood & fish exporters. They failed to give people the support needed to implement new burdens created by poor #Brexit deal.  We’ve stepped up & are funding additional expertise to help our vital seafood sector cope.

RT @DaveFGKelly: RT @DaveFGKelly: Sturgeon: "the people will decide when there's a second referendum" Cameron: "no! I, the person none of you people voted …

RT @AUOBALBA: RT @AUOBALBA: Which Strategy for Independence is best?

RT @Ryan_McCuaig: RT @Ryan_McCuaig: Leader of Scottish Labour on #BBCQT: 1. We shouldn't have a general election. 2. We shouldn't have #Indyref2. So, Tory ru…

RT @UKGovernmentEng: RT @UKGovernmentEng: BREAKING: England’s First Minister to visit Scotland.

RT @markjmcdonald: RT @markjmcdonald: One place #Labour are not winning is Angus. They didn't put up enough candidates for a start

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Mike Russell @Feorlean is right saying, "If the Scot people vote for something they should get it." Thus there should be no Boris-Veto on Scot ballot boxes, either referndums or elections. No ref can be guaranteed but we could vote for indy at May 6th elect #Planb is #PlanMay

Och bless .. yesterday out of the blue he bizarrely slagged me off - not debate 🤣 🤷 Today it seems he will never call or never phone. #CheerUpJim