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RT @Tim_Roache: So proud of our BiFab members and @GMBScotOrg for taking on this fight. Our members face being thrown on the scrap heap just before Christmas. Your @GMB_union stands with you shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and will back you all the way…

RT @JRANoyes: We have breaches of money laundering rules and proceeds of crime. VIP schemes involving £millions. Customers in jail. A shell company in the British Virgin Islands. Regulatory opacity. Seriously, guys, what did you expect Carolyn Harris to say? She is totally right to be angry.

Job losses at @British_Airways, jobs under threat at #NATSPrestwick & @TUIUK & #Jet2 cancelling holidays until at least 1/7/2020, tens of thousands of jobs across #aviation, #aerospace & #tourism sectors are at risk. I & @theSNP are urging radical action

Job losses at @British_Airways, jobs under threat at #NATSPrestwick & @TUIUK & #Jet2 cancelling holidays until at least 1/7/2020, the s of thousands of jobs across #aviation, #aerospace & tourism sectors are in danger. I am urging radical action see 👉

RT @ChrisMcEleny: We are reducing lockdown measures whilst more deaths are occurring than when we entered lock down, despite #TestTraceIsolate not fully been embraced by the population yet. Please don’t act in a way that will caste more deaths in our community. Adhere to social distancing always

RT @ReactErskine: We're running an October Break camp for those in P1-P3 and P4-S2 for children across Erskine & surrounding areas! #reacttogether

RT @24housing: Scotland has lessons for the UK on fire safety that could save on consultation time over new regulations, the Commons has heard -… #ukhousing

RT @24housing: One homeless death for ‘nearly every seat in the Commons’, with 600 recorded just last year in stats from the @ONS -… #ukhousing