All deleted tweets from politicians

Ymgeisydd Plaid Cymru Dwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr/The Party of Wales Candidate Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

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RT @Bryn_Cartwright: Great to see @JonathanPlaid canvasser at the door this morning. Despite the weather, a @Plaid_Cymru poster in the window and a Christmas wreath on door knocker this chap wasn’t going to leave anything to chance...

RT @joe16led: RT @joe16led: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus I bawb. Happy Saint David's day boios!

RT @joe16led: RT @joe16led: You fans have been a credit to the nation unbelievable through out the euros well done. Without you not sure this would happe…

RT @Murray_Kinsella: RT @Murray_Kinsella: The transfer of the ball from left to right is so rapid from James Davies. What a player.

RT @KEMP_88: I feel really inspired to lead a @YesCymru art meet up after finding this in Barcelona. Translation is: Solidarity is our greatest weapon. Keep an eye out for an art event with @LlanelliYes soon #Annibyniaeth #IndyWales

RT @KEMP_88: RT @KEMP_88: Bore da Cymru! Bore bloody da!

RT @KEMP_88: See how fast @CarolineLucas @NicolaSturgeon & @Adamprice absolutely 100% say no to using nuclear weapons & how quick to say yes & shifty the other ones were. That’s why I’m voting @Plaid_Cymru bois. Being willing to commit a nuclear holocaust should tell you everything

RT @KEMP_88: Interesting how the UK parties are saying the will not ‘allow’ a second Indy ref for Scotland. Honestly, can you hold a whole country hostage? the arrogance is ridiculous

RT @KEMP_88: RT @KEMP_88: What, and I cannot stress this enough, THE FUCK…