All deleted tweets from politicians

AS Dwyrain Caerfyrddin a Dinefwr/MP Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

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RT @graceblakeley: It’s utterly idiotic to accuse people questioning the government’s strategy of ‘politicising’ the crisis. The crisis is ALREADY politicised: The actions of the people in POWER are influencing whether people live or die. The question is whether or not they’ll be held to account.

RT @IndyWaIes: Over 50% of the country voted labour or plaid. Majority of the people in Wales don’t want the tories in power. We’re governed by a system that doesn’t work for our people. Let’s learn from this and push on for independence. Vote Plaid wherever you are. Let’s govern ourselves.

RT @DrefachCC: Due to the Coronavirus we have made a decision that the nets will still be ON tomorrow. We have taken this decision due to the fact that none of our players can catch anything!!

RT @IndependenceFo2: RT @IndependenceFo2: 71% of women in Scotland aged 16-34 would vote “Yes” in next referendum. #ScotRef #YouYesYet #ItsTime

RT @TheCornishRep: RT @TheCornishRep: More than 30 MPs urge backing for the "cultural jewel" of the Cornish language

RT @parkgirl59: RT @parkgirl59: Very sad news Glyn Erasmus @TheErasmo died suddenly at home last night. We'll all miss his insights; wit; and being prepare…

RT @DylanEbz: RT @DylanEbz: Llanelli 1-0 Dinamo Tiblisi on S4C - perfformiad da hyd yn hyn

RT @DylanEbz: RT @DylanEbz: Anaf i Gareth Bale yn newyddion da am unwaith! Sori Stuart Pearce

RT @DylanEbz: RT @DylanEbz: Beth yw'r ddadl yn erbyn tîm criced i Gymru? Bydde nhw ddim yn gallu cystadlu? #Lloegr

RT @DylanEbz: RT @DylanEbz: Local rag @CambrianNews use 'nazi' even though the word was never used and now @BBCWalesNews chucking it about. Soon becomes …