All deleted tweets from politicians

Cyfrif personol AS Dwyfor Meirionnydd MS personal account: @LLCDiwylliant @WGCulture

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RT @underthethatch: @MsJoKiernan @RWynJones @SeneddWales @visitwales @VisitWalesBiz @VisitWalesTrade @ElisThomasD @LlCDiwylliant @WGCulture oh we're very familiar with Dafydd and his work, but not that he was responsible for Tourism. Welsh tourism is crying out for a SPECIFIC reopening date of self-catering (as other countries have). We know that any date will be 'with caveats' but we just need the date like Ireland.

RT @MariaHSense: RT @MariaHSense: Carers are not low skilled. Low paid but highly skilled!

RT @SeimonBrooks: RT @SeimonBrooks: Wedi ei heclo o'r blaen ond 'nothing of this ferocity'. Roedd yn bleser pur. Dirprwy Ukip a'r croeso yn Port.…

RT @SeimonBrooks: RT @SeimonBrooks: Maniffesto Ukip: "we are committed to promoting the English language as a common ingredient that will bind our society to…

RT @DLachlan88: RT @DLachlan88: @NicolaSturgeon @jeremycorbyn So heartening to hear of the beginnings of some cooperation amongst our leaders.

RT @M_Zekert: @zahra0707N يتطلب الحوار الهادف الى عزل الفكرة عن شخصية الفرد؛ ثم يكون الهدف نقاش لا جدال لاستبداد الرأي، بالاضافة الى تفهم سياق المناقشة من حيث الرد والاستماع؛ فغالبا اللي يناقشك هدفه الحقيقي ان تستمع له اكثر من اي هدف آخر ....

RT @iraventos: RT @iraventos: @toni_comin Ni la pluja ni rl fred rns han aturat. La veritat triunfarà