All deleted tweets from politicians

Plaid Cymru Politician. Viola player,❤nordic drama, travel, fitness, foodie. Regional AM office in Port Talbot- contact 01639 820530. Chair @SeneddCWLC

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RT @RDGwyther: Ffs Neath 🤦🏻‍♂️ @NPTCouncil sort this out in the train station car park.

@Ips_cali Well yes, indeed... They didn't clarify.

@matelotjack @StephenGraham73 He is a good actor. He was so in the Irishman. Now that you've tagged him in it I feel very bad!!! Accents are hard😕

It's White House Farm time.... more excruciating attempts at a Welsh accent by Stephen Graham! Good show apart from that, so I'm watching!

@llannerch was just reacting to that element of your tweet.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: How's the pregnancy Going, Beth?! @DanielGlyn ti'n cal ment ar hwn!…

@EEnderinWales Fair enough. But that's probably where I think they indy movement is lacking. We need to shape what type of post Union Wales we want to see. And social justice, Republicanism is key for me. I don't want a right wing, monarchist free Wales... For example!!!

@YesCwmbran @nigel_callaghan I wouldn't want an Indy Wales that would retain the Monarchy. Surely it doesn't have to be the only option on the table??