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Aelod Senedd Cymru dros Ynys Môn @Plaid_Cymru Member of the Senedd for Ynys Môn

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‘Students’ best inteterests’. I’d like to use this emoji 🤣, but will opt for this one 😞. How people can be so callously dismissive of the impact of unfair downgrading on 1000s and 1000s of students is beyond me. And this is a former teacher.

It's one rather important year to those young people involved!

RT @CalonFlan: A union that allows a £15bn deficit to be normalised is not one worth being a part of. Thanks for making our argument for us.…

RT @LouisPMertens: Well done @RhunapIorwerth today you summed it up perfectly and emotively!! #PeoplesVote #Brexit #BrexitVote @Plaid_Cymru

RT @brynboy72: @RhunapIorwerth @thebarryhorns @YesCymru @Plaid_Cymru Wales has always been given a rough deal by Westminster,the only way Wales can move forward is being governed by a party that understands the economic strengths and weaknesses,the people,and nationalistic values,and I believe that party to be Plaid Cymru and @RhunapIorwerth

RT @RichardGCorbett: Just watching #bbcnews refer to the “British built” #Space probe taking photos of the sun - without mentioning that this is a joint #European effort! It is actually the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter (SolO) probe. Has @BBC been told to keep quiet about Eur cooperation?

RT @Twentyx16: @Sc0ttY0ung @AdamGosling4 @RhunapIorwerth @polscotrpu “Coronavirus: You can't drive to Scotland or Wales for exercise under new lockdown rules First Secretary of State Dominic Raab confirmed that the changes to the exercise rules announced last night by Boris Johnson did not allow people in England to drive to the devolved nations”

RT @JaseAlbion: RT @JaseAlbion: Always worth a prompt, Plaid are pro-people, pro-working class and support local communities :) #plaidllanelli2015 http://t…

RT @AledRoberts2016: This 9.21 Cardiff-Holyhead @ArrivaTW service would certainly struggle to be labelled Premier Class. Embarrassing that I'm sitting next to a group of Americans who can't believe they're on it for 4 hours #boneshakerexperience