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RT @bardseyobs: Two splendid Bottle-nosed Dolphins were seen off the northernmost part of the island today by @georgedunbar_ @whalesorg

RT @AUOBCymru: Is this not *literally* what the UK Government did to Wales? Or are we currently testing 5,000 people a day? British exceptionalism... People in glass houses... @vaughangething and @MarkDrakeford should feel free to start standing up for their constituents anytime now...…

RT @kizzkez: Fi di dechrau neud vids bach I insta yn defnyddio’r app acapella, ma fe mor hwyl!! Wondero os dylai dechrau roi nhw ar twitter 🤔 #Oce #GeraintJarman

RT @llawysgrifau: Pan wnaeth pla (y cornwyd/haint y nodau) daro gogledd Cymru tua 1550, gofynnodd Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan, bardd o sir Ddinbych, i ŵr doeth lleol, 'Mastr Llwyd', am ei gyngor ynghylch beth orau i'w wneud: 'Ai ffo rhag ofn y ffair gaeth Ynteu aros anturiaeth?'

RT @ByDonkeys: RT @ByDonkeys: When all this is over let’s remember who looked out for us. And who didn’t. (Location: Poole)

RT @BimbleLens: RT @BimbleLens: #Wales WILL miss out AGAIN if the Valleys continue to elect the apathetic miasma of Labour. Be proud, be passionate vote @P…