All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Member for Central & Provincial Council of ANP.Former Member Of Pakhtunkhwa http://Assembly.Global Goodwill Ambassador.Ashoka Fellow.

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Happy birth day respectable Mashar.

Happy birth day respectable Mashar.

RT @Yousufzai83: Today at 12am the people of Pakhtunkhwa will get rid of the most incompetent govt in 70 years of the province where tobacco king was health minister, fashion designer was revenue minister, commission agent was Chief Minister FA D division was education minister #KaptaanFailedInKP

RT @kaisershah1992: RT @kaisershah1992: عوامی نیشنل پارٹی تحصیل بحرین

RT @tareenafghan: The mandate of ANP has been stolen by KHALAHI MAKHLOOQ in order to favour its bestie (ladla) but we are not the people to let u suppress the rights of democratic people... #ANPRejectsRiggedPolls @ANPMarkaz @a_siab @GulBukhari @khanzamankakar