All deleted tweets from politicians

Federal Minister for information &Broadcasting Government of Pakistan

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RT @arsched: کیا پنجاب پولیس کے بہادر جوانوں کے خون کا رنگ مختلف ہے یا ان کی وردی کا رنگ مختلف کے چند بزدلوں نے پاکستان کے بیٹوں کے خون کا سودا کیا کیوں کے ان کی ٹانگیں کامپ رہی تھیں؟ سبز ہلالی پرچم کی ہریالی میں ہمارے پولیس کے جوانوں کے خون کی لالی بھی شامل ہی۔ پاکستان کے شہدا کو سلام🌹

RT @MaryamNSharif: RT @MaryamNSharif: Justice for Balochistan pls ◽◽

گزشتہ سات دن سے GT Road پر یہ ہو رہا ہے، ریاست کب تک یہ برداشت کر سکتی ہے؟ #FasadiTLP

RT @vaikivannavan: These are comments under Shami's Instagram post.From the very beginning I predicted this would happen if India lost the match.

RT @ZahidGishkori: Expose: Communication of over 107 Indians who were in contact with top TLP leaders has been retrieved. This act has established a dangerous Indian involvement in backing banned TLP had links with enemy state, claim Pakistani authorities’ confidential findings.

RT @ZahidGishkori: Indian Funding: Pakistani officials traced an account of a key TLP leader who is accused of receiving money from an Indian national. This TLP leader was in touch with Indians who sent foreign remittances. More sensitive details could not be shared here.

RT @MghalSuffi: RT @MghalSuffi: @fawadchaudhry بھائی صاحب کارڈ کس ہسپتال میں استعمال ہو رہا ہے مہربانی رہنمائی فرما دیں۔

RT @PTVNewsOfficial: Our beautiful Capital city #Islamabad was richly adorned with festivity and colours, to celebrate #EidMiladunNabi will fill national vigour under @dcislamabad @hamzashafqaat, the @CDAthecapital & all associated Administrative departments Video Courtesy: Senator @FaisalJavedKhan

RT @indusdotnews: Has India failed internationally to rally support for the BJP government and recognition of its annexation of Kashmir? Hosts @ZunairaAzhar10 and @_AhmedQuraishi ask Lord Qurban Hussain. Watch Indus News Special on Kashmir #Kashmir #India #IOJK #IIOJK

RT @indusdotnews: Indus News becomes the first South Asian news channel to report from Afghanistan. Indus News Correspondent @sumrkhan1 was live from the Afghan city of #Jalalabad. #Afghanistan #Pakistan #PakAfghan #Turkham @fawadchaudhry @YusufMoeed @gop_info @RadioPakistan @Saaniya_Malik