All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Member of Parliament for Edmonton Strathcona.

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Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @stevenchase :

RT @stevenchase: Amnesty International says Ottawa’s response to rising complaints about bullying of human right activists on Canadian soil by pro-#China forces has been hapless, muddled & ineffective /via @globeandmail…

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @Lorian_H :

RT @Lorian_H: Amazing find! To quote Young Tyler, "no peer-reviewed study has found that for-profit hospitals are less expensive", "for-profit health care wastes time and money", private clinics "cause more stress on the publicly-funded health care" which means longer waits.

RT @sherwinarnott: RT @sherwinarnott: @bronwentucker @GlobalEdmonton "Nearby resident" could easily have been a cop, a retired cop, or a partner to a cop. #de…

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @cblackst :

RT @cblackst: Systemic racism = no clean drinking water. Canada can get clean water pumping in other countries and yet it says First Nations without clean water 4 decades should be "patient" and grateful for the progress made so far. Nope- #fairness4everyone Res. 15…

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @COSIA_ca :

RT @COSIA_ca: Peatlands are found throughout the oil sands region of northern AB. By protecting and restoring #peatlands, we can help reduce GHG #emissions. Watch this episode of #COSIA Spotlight to hear Dr. Xu of @UAlberta talk about his work in peatland restoration:

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @HicksBiz :

RT @HicksBiz: RT @HicksBiz: #yeg's recycling kings are making paper out of trash. #HicksBiz in @edmontonsun. #recycle #closedloop…

RT @RachelNotley: Are you serious Minister? Are you suggesting Albertans get out and celebrate our parks this year because you intend to have dozens upon dozens of them sold off by this time next year? #ableg

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @Pembina :

RT @Pembina: It’s good news that all projects assessed under the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act will now undergo a climate assessment.… #cdnpoli

RT @thenarwhalca: “The atmosphere does not recognize creative accounting.” A new report says Canada is failing to track the true climate cost of clearcut logging in the boreal forest. via @writermjs #cdnpoli…

Linda Duncan (NDP) retweeted @schill_dawg :

RT @schill_dawg: “The reviewers said risk governance and culture at AIMCo are "unsatisfactory,"—this is why teachers don’t want their pension investment managed by AIMCO. Alberta's Heritage Savings Trust Fund hits lowest value in eight years…