All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Advisor,Rubicon Strategies . Former MP. First Leaf sweater acquired 1961.

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RT @JohnDelacourt: Yes. Young staffer, it's kind of your job to figure this out before your boss sits down and takes her first question.

RT @JohnDelacourt: The best ever "I want to see the manager and see everyone in this Second Cup fired" Karen moment in Ottawa. #cdnpoli Blanchet will push for election if Trudeau, Morneau, Telford won't resign | CBC News…

RT @JohnDelacourt: RT @JohnDelacourt: One year ago today. And it's even better with this clip.

RT @sheilamac321: RT @sheilamac321: my daughter took this pic today at #englishtown #CapeBreton

RT @AaronWherry: The last time Parliament demanded documents that the government wanted withheld because of national security, the Conservatives were in government and the documents related to Afghan detainees. The parties ultimately agreed to a special ad hoc committee to review the documents.

RT @MurraWil: NS did the right thing canceling the Women's Worlds. It's brutal, but COVID spiked at the wrong time. They had no choice. The government rightly shut down Halifax, today, and you can't justify hosting a major tournament and having people come in from elswhere.

Rodger Cuzner (Liberal) retweeted @Blurg5 :

RT @Blurg5: RT @Blurg5: Heads up #yeg- Costco in nisku is giving out moderna shots today without an appt. #abpoli #ableg

RT @RickPetersonCA: The @CPC_HQ amd LEOC went to extraordinary lengths, pushing through the COVID crisis, to raise the bar for leadership candidates & assure only the best & most deserving made it through. I didn't make the cut. Neither did @MPMarilynGladu nor @rudyhusny . Here's who did.

RT @BestStephen: According to @AndrewScheer, journalists who are represented by Unifor take their editorial 'marching orders' from @JerryPDias. This comes from a guy who wants us to believe that a woman's right to choose will be 'off the table' if he becomes Prime Minister.

RT @BestStephen: Perhaps I'm missing some nuance, but listening to the most recent utterances of @jkenney, @PremierScottMoe, and @AndrewScheer, I wonder what point there would be for @JustinTrudeau to engage with them beyond niceties. These are not serious, informed, thoughtful people.