All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Advisor,Rubicon Strategies . Former MP. First Leaf sweater acquired 1961.

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RT @lindsayabowman: Service Canada has set up a SEPARATE phone line to contact them to set up EI claims for quarantine, illness, work closure, etc due to COVID-19. The number is 1-833-381-2725. They are waiving the 1 week wait period for 2 week quarantines, so if you are affected, apply right away

RT @_grahamr: I don’t care that @AndrewScheer stutters while answering a question. What I care about is that he just inferred that LGBTQ+ people shouldn’t be allowed to get married, and people with uteruses can’t make decisions about their own bodies. #CDNpoli…

RT @MuslimIQ: RT @MuslimIQ: How to claim asylum. Block out all the nonsense you’ve heard. This journalist gets it.

RT @QasimRashid: THIS IS AMAZING! 1943: US War Dept released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascists. Compare what the bigot in this video says w/what Fox News & 45 spew on a daily basis about immigrants & POC. Good luck spotting any actual difference.

RT @PaulDouglasCar1: Recently I received and email from a concerned citizen wondering why the Donkin Mine CLC is pushing for the mine to close. As Chair of the CLC this is not our position and we are fully supportive of the operation of Donkin Mine. @tomayers2262 @CBPost_Sharon @InfoMorningCB

RT @PaulDouglasCar1: I am disappointed with the untruths people say about the @portofsydney Our employees work very hard and they are such good people. They see what you write. We are here for the community so please contact me anytime for accurate Information

RT @PaulDouglasCar1: RT @PaulDouglasCar1: Agreed, I see compliance everywhere.

Rodger Cuzner (Liberal) tweeted :

Just a beautiful ,accomplished lady. Not mentioned in the obit, she was a proud and supportive hockey mom @Kendrickdouglas

RT @JessBurnsHFX: Here's the thing, @AirCanada—if you just said "Listen, we're hemmoraghing money during this global crisis. We'd really appreciate if you'd support us by accepting a future travel credit. And as a show of good faith, we'll kick in a free checked bag (or something)." I'd do it! 1/2

RT @morninggloria: RT @morninggloria: @DonaldJTrumpJr You left the mother of your five children ◽