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RT @CaseyNCalista: 12:30 Today - Live Q&A with Lib Dem leadership hopeful @normanlamb… via @leftfootfwd

RT @mattoldham: I'm supporting @timfarron for the Party leadership #tim2lead

RT @mattoldham: If any #LibDems in the area are not aware we've got our own Hustings with @timfarron & @normanlamb in Bolton this Sat at 7p…

RT @mattoldham: Pleasure to meet you this eve @timfarron & to hear you talk so passionately about @LibDems values & Sir.@SimonHughes http:/…

RT @mattoldham: @psigrist @normanlamb Finally made my mind up over the leadership. Norms got my vote. Very tough

@TfL has confirmed that a carer travelling on a booking made by a Freedom Pass holder is entitled to a discounted fare of £2 per journey. This is great news for those who were previously penalised as carers.

RT @AdamHunt_: If I was a Lib Dem id be backing @normanlamb (and im not just saying that because he used to sit behind me at Norwich games!)

RT @leonardocarella: Female LibDems in the HoC up by ∞% after the by-election. #RichmondPark #Zaxit

RT @FiskTweets: Win/win situation but went with @normanlamb in #LibDemLeadership ballot. I'm a sucker for bold liberal policies…

RT @TheCampaignPage: Paddy Ashdown backs Norman Lamb for Lib Dem leader…