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RT @fmarleypaterson: Today is the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth's death. "When all at once I saw a crowd / a host, of golden daffodils". Probably the only crowd you'll see today. In the poem it's a vision to make you feel less lonely "when on my couch I the bliss of solitude."

RT @clarke_phillip: Disappointed but full of respect and admiration for @normanlamb. Great MP & Liberal and true champion for mental health.…

RT @clarke_phillip: RT @clarke_phillip: Both men are fine Liberals, but for his championing of mental health and commitment to real LGBT equality @normanlamb g…

RT @clarke_phillip: RT @clarke_phillip: Whether it's @timfarron or @normanlamb who leads our resurgence I've never been more proud to be a liberal democrat.

RT @clarke_phillip: RT @clarke_phillip: Vote posted. I'm backing @normanlamb to lead us forward with real & comprehensive liberalism. #BackNorman

RT @YesWeBant: @StephenBBurke @rgcastillian @normanlamb so what we have is a choice between a progressive MP with an excellent constituency record and the UKIP/Tory Candidate - choose your target.

RT @YesWeBant: RT @YesWeBant: Voting @normanlamb - consistent record fighting for people of North Norfolk on local issues, NHS, social care, mental health…

RT @YesWeBant: Polls suggest North Norfolk will be close. If you haven't voted & think dementia sufferers should not lose their homes, vote for @normanlamb…

RT @JeanneCarlin: @Saba_Salman @guardian @normanlamb @Kirsten76159840 The answer is a doctor who can look at the interaction between disabilities and long term health conditions, look at the person as a whole person rather than looking at one organ at a time. Have answered more fully in comment section of Guardian.

RT @JeanneCarlin: RT @JeanneCarlin: In research don't make any assumptions about the role of the carer @normanlamb #SSCR