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RT @Pete_Gillibrand: Really hope that @normanlamb becomes Lib Dem leader! Seems like he's bringing them back to their roots. Also does a lo…

Why does self-styled ‘Brexit Hardman’ Steve Baker do every ‘weighing up my options’ int with a bluetooth headset in his ear? Is he also a hedge fund day trader or is he just a pretentious thundertwat?

RT @maryps: wow i mean imagine if a lady came in for a job interview and sobbed and yelled and kept saying how much she likes beer

RT @RobDotHutton: Brexit update: @timfarron is giving an interview in front of his no-deal stockpile.

Was good to talk with Yavlinsky, the founder of @yabloko -our sister party in Russia, about building stronger relationships with our liberal counterparts abroad who are battling against very tough political conditions. Progressive parties must unite in the fight against populism.

RT @hare_brain: @PhilVabulas @CCriadoPerez @JamieJBartlett @sianberry For info on where facial recognition technology stands in UK law, ple…

Bet when they open it, it says: ‘Colonel Mustard, in the Library, with the lead piping’

RT @JR_MerseyCare: I gave @normanlamb a tour of North Liverpool en route to @Mersey_Care Clock View!! 😂😂😂…

Despite the hail, it was a pleasure to attend Victor Seymour School’s #vscarshow fundraiser. In true British spirit, we didn’t let the weather ruin the day! Pictures courtesy1 of @stellapicsltd #Carshalton #Wallington