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Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

Huge list of speakers for the @HouseofCommons for the #BlackHistoryMonth #BHMdebate led by @abenaopp. I'm hoping to speak later to celebrate the diverse community I'm proud to live in and represent - and to make this simple point:

RT @HMorganThompson: Fair play to Jess Phillips although, showing why she's my favourite candidate again - backing Green New Deal but saying it felt like we didn't make a proper argument for it, that manifesto felt like a million promises but no arguments made. Really good analysis of what happened

RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: VOTE LEAVE STICK IT TO THE ELITES ◽◽…

RT @AbdiDuale_: 4 months ago I was banned from travelling to the US as a British-born citizen for having visited my parents home country as a child. I'll be marching at the #StopTrump protest, because we should never be rolling out the red carpet to bigots like Trump.…

RT @laurafleur: RT @laurafleur: This Is Why Nurses Are Angry About Having Student Bursaries Cut… via @laurafleur @BuzzFeedUK

RT @GarfieldJudith: Following discussions with local residents, having listened to local needs concerns, it is our view #LQS pilot in Barkingside South is not meeting residents’ needs.We have shared concerns with @RedbridgeLive Leader @Jas_Athwal requesting the scheme be withdrawn asap.

Wes Streeting MP (Labour) tweeted :

A no-show from the Chancellor in the Commons this afternoon. Brand Rishi struggling under the spotlight of scrutiny?

RT @EmilyJonesVIII: RT @EmilyJonesVIII: My extended thoughts on tonight's CLP nomination meeting (from FB).

RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: PEOTUS is using Twitter to gripe about Streep and the UK Russian Embassy is trolling the govt with Pepe memes. The adult…

RT @HadleyFreeman: RT @HadleyFreeman: Remember when Susan Sarandon and Jill Stein seized the moral high ground by saying Clinton would be worse than Trump? Yo…