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Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

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RT @Rheumatology_Dr: RT @Rheumatology_Dr: Overworked staff in an under-resourced #NHS thanks to @Jeremy_Hunt patient care suffers

RT @janinegibson: As late as Sunday, as WhatsApp engineers raced to close the loophole, a UK-based human rights lawyers phone was targeted using the same method

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: The problem defined in 34 words:

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Just decided I'll be opposing 3p fuel duty rise. #clacton folk can't afford it ... #No3pFuelRise

RT @Ermintrude2: RT @Ermintrude2: "Becoming Powerful Makes You Less Empathetic" via @HBR

tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @TomBoadle :

RT @TomBoadle: RT @TomBoadle: @tom_watson 'tis true, Coalition have signed off more PFI deals than when Gordon was PM. Latest stats available here http ...

RT @IvanLewis_MP: RT @IvanLewis_MP: Jeremy Hunt says the PMs conversations re Bskyb were irrevelant.But PM has refused to admit having conversations.He m ...

RT @IvanLewis_MP: Fantastic to be at @andyburnhammp launch of #OurManifesto today at excellent @sharpproject Great message from Andy of hope+radical change.

RT @thewhitelionfdn: Tonight, as we officially launch our new global wildlife charity The White Lion Foundation, we will raise a toast to a man who inspires us in every thing we do - Happy 93rd Birthday Sir #DavidAttenborough! 突攻氣

RT @thewhitelionfdn: We're delighted to announce that Munu, our rare blind rhino, has been successfully moved to his wonderful new home to live and breed in safety. Thanks for all the support. We still need help to fund Munu's lifetime care. Please, if you can donate, here.