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Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

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RT @fightbackteam: RT @fightbackteam: Join us tomorrow (Friday) for campaigning with our Deputy Leader @tom_watson ! Sign up here: htt…

RT @Sam_Luke_Brooke: RT @Sam_Luke_Brooke: Seeing drenge today I guess I'll have to vote for @tom_watson

Tom Watson (Labour) retweeted @GazBenham :

RT @GazBenham: In Jan ‘20, as a 51yo weighing >100kg I was inspired by @tom_watson to make lifestyle changes. Today weighing 74kgs, I ran my first ever half marathon (2:20) thus hitting the challenge I set myself in Jan 21. Thanks Tom - I feel great!

RT @mish_rahman: Id also like to extend my gratitude to @tom_watson for doing the lords work and warning us ahead of the impending disaster for workers if there ever was to be a Coyne victory. #VoteTurner

tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @LewieP :

RT @LewieP: RT @LewieP: Argos are selling the Nokia Lumia 800 for £120 CEX will buy them for £195 cash

RT @dr_alex_gates: This is a real A&E Consultant. Their message, bleak & heartfelt, tells the story across England. SHAME on government for its wilful deafness

RT @dr_alex_gates: SAVAGE Extent NHS cuts revealed in @telegraph 1 in 3 CCGs intend to close/downgrade A&Es 1 in 5 to close maternity s'vices 46% plan ⬇️beds

tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @dansabbagh :

RT @dansabbagh: RT @dansabbagh: If you have any interest in phone hacking, in the light of Kuttner's re-arrest stop all work now and read this blog: htt ...

tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @dansabbagh :

RT @dansabbagh: RT @dansabbagh: Family left messages for Christian Small in aftermath of 7/7. Police told his mother his phone targeted by NoTW investig ...

tom_watson (Labour) retweeted @dansabbagh :

RT @dansabbagh: RT @dansabbagh: Reporter kicked out of event for asking Rupert Murdoch (an employer of journalists) a question:…