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Labour Member of Parliament for East Ham since 1994

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Stephen Timms (Labour) tweeted :

There are around 2 million carers in the UK; experts say that around 25% are currently having to self-isolate. Many will be struggling to make ends meet, which is why @MoreUnitedUK has united MPs like me to support the @CareWorkersFund… #Care4Carers

RT @j_pignon: RT @j_pignon: Great from @stephenctimms and @wesstreeting 700 there?! Well done @a_gordon et al

RT @Joshua06706897: @SadiqKhan @stephenctimms @rokhsanafiaz @unmeshdesai @newhamlabour @LondonLabour I am at this event and its a good time had by all with people of all cultures and colours getting on well together. I will be voting for Sadiq Khan because he is a good, decent man who has helped me and my family. I am a white cockney, and still live here.

Stephen Timms (Labour) retweeted @RoryGeo :

RT @RoryGeo: RT @RoryGeo: Tackling violence, including #acidattacks, is a social justice issue. Another call for action. Cc @stephenctimms…

Stephen Timms (Labour) retweeted @RoryGeo :

RT @RoryGeo: .@StephenCTimms quite right to ask and demand what more can be done to tackle growing #acid #attacks on @SkyNews. #AcidAttacks

RT @jonny_in_london: RT @jonny_in_london: @PlaistowNorth Councillor @James_Beckles discussing digital innovation in local government at @youngfabians events. ht…

RT @jonny_in_london: Whatever dismal and disturbing events happen around the world, I could always have faith that the solidarity and unity I see in my home town to cheer me up. This morning I saw my community come together to show the Muslim community of Christchurch that they are not alone.

RT @jonny_in_london: I saw the mighty and legendary anti-fascist campaigner @unmeshdesai speak with such passion of the need to unite against the far right. I saw @stephenctimms MP and @rokhsanafiaz speak valiantly about the values and ideals of our community.

RT @jonny_in_london: Tower Hamlets, Dagenham and Rainham have endorsed and rewarded @unmeshdesai for all his hard work on the GLA by reselecting him as Labour candidate for City and East. I can't wait for my home Borough of Newham to do the same. ✊…

RT @jonny_in_london: Congratulations to @unmeshdesai for being selected by the City of London Labour as its GLA candidate. I have no doubt Barking and Newham will do the same.