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Labour MP for Wolverhampton South East.

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RT @suzanne_moore: RT @suzanne_moore: Wow Isis losing 22% of it territory in 14 months ...this is BIG story #newsnight

RT @BBCNewsnight: “There are people who have trained and have the taken the norms of running a country incredibly seriously. But we have a disruptive government.” Labour MP @peterkyle says he believes Cummings’ committee testimony paints “a credible picture” of upper levels of govt #Newsnight

RT @cliodiaspora: .@theresa_may Next time you invoke the Berlin Wall and German history, I suggest you check why that wall was torn down and what the freedoms were that people fought for ... like the freedom to move freely.

RT @LordSpeaker: Lord Kilclooney should retract and apologise. This is an offensive way to refer to anyone, let alone a woman who has just made history. The comment is entirely unacceptable and has no place in British politics. I could not be clearer.

RT @edfenergycomms: RT @edfenergycomms: We are in #Wolverhampton tomorrow for @patmcfaddenmp Utilities Advice Day, #Bilston Community Centre 10 – 1. Advice on…

RT @stebuckley: RT @stebuckley: I blast 'Greatest Hits' by Queen right down their sets. A couple of hours and they bigger off to the next county. https://t…

Pat McFadden (Labour) retweeted @abenaopp :

RT @abenaopp: RT @abenaopp: This time going through the Finance (No.2) Bill Committee line by line.

RT @JananGanesh: RT @JananGanesh: The Three Tenors have aged well, to be fair #ITA

Pat McFadden (Labour) tweeted :

Necessary and overdue but a lot will depend on terms of reference and scope. It mustn’t be too narrowly drawn. The whole thing should be investigated from top to bottom. Greensill: Government to investigate David Cameron's lobbying…

RT @LaughingDevil1: RT @LaughingDevil1: @Open_Britain @patmcfaddenmp So official statements to the house from Ministers are now just "opinion"? Really?