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RT @jamesrbuk: RT @jamesrbuk: "It's extremely not normal if this is found to be true and is unlikely to be the first time it has happened."

RT @jamesrbuk: Someone from the world of due diligence sent me the following on Dom's blog edit: "In the world of vetting staff this is a flag. Someone willing to do something like this is likely hiding other inaccuracies and lies about his past, particularly in terms of his CV etc…

RT @jamesrbuk: So: the independent Office for Budget Responsibility asked for the government's plans for Brexit, for its forecasts. The government pointed the OBR to Theresa May's Florence speech – and gave them *nothing else*. So today's dismal forecasts include no Brexit impact.

RT @jamesrbuk: The government can no longer claim it’s following the science. And it’s tainted its decision-making process with Cummings – to many of us it looks like lifting lockdown’s been rushed to change the story. Catastrophically bad crisis management. Again.

Back in @HouseofCommons to try & get a 2Reading for Public Advocate Bill, an aspect of Hillsborough Law

RT @paul__johnson: Ouch 'We have a PM who thinks the rules apply to anyone but him. Just when trust in Govt has become a matter of life and death, to this PM it's become a matter of what he can get away with' - @Keir_Starmer

RT @Andrew_Adonis: I notice among some of my #PBPE friends, that when it comes to Corbyn & a second referendum, they won’t take yes for an answer! That way you get Farage & Brexit

RT @PaulBrandITV: A lot of blame being shifted on to civil servants this morning for the No 10 garden party. Would be easy to throw them under the bus to save political skins. But given the PM attended, I’m not sure that’s fair. After all, he sets the tone for No 10.

RT @LiamThorpECHO: RT @LiamThorpECHO: An important and timely step from the Shadow Home Secretary