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@UKLabour MP for Norwich South.Once had a crack at the Kobayashi Maru test.For casework enquiries contact Tweets sometimes from staff✌🏾

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Clive Lewis (Labour) retweeted @KamBass :

RT @KamBass: GRG was meant to be a turnaround unit to help businesses but was less like an intensive care unit and ' more like an abattoir' @labourlewis in #RBS #grg debate on treatment of small businesses

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

“I know the membership supports a more diverse party and NEC. Now it’s time for members and CLPs to step up and put those stated values into practice. Otherwise they are just words.” #JJ

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

Progressives need to urgently realign British politics away from the right. This starts with winning hearts and minds. This speech sets out the the vital terrain to win the battle of ideas and unite the left.…

@jmrooney501 Soy lent Green?

RT @tomaskenn: We messed our climate up so bad that these hellish fire tornadoes are now a thing but politicians will still somehow tell you we can’t afford a Green New Deal.

@siegeworks2 @LyndseyStonebri @CompassOffice Prime intervention there.

Clive Lewis (Labour) retweeted @shaunking :

RT @shaunking: I am so deeply grieved and angry by this as young kids in MAGA hats surrounded and mocked a beloved Native American elder yesterday. When your power is centered in your whiteness, mocking others who are unlike you makes you feel strong. But it’s weak. And despicable.

RT @nikkijfox: This is interesting. A mistake that was a decision. Mental health trust admits discharge of 300 young people from waiting list was not ‘clerical error’…

RT @SunderlandLolly: RT @SunderlandLolly: Thanks @labourlewis Clive Lewis MP for supporting petition against cuts to Sunderland Lollipops! Appreciated! ◽ ◽ ☺ ht…

RT @KayBurley: “Tony Abbott is a homophobe and a misogynist” Health Sec @MattHancock: “He’s also an expert on trade” #KayBurley JM