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Clive Lewis (Labour) retweeted @SakinaZS :

RT @SakinaZS: .@labourlewis ”The #Stanstead15 are heroes for putting their lives on the line to help people” With the rise of fascism across the globe - “There is a darkness growing & the #Standstead have drawn a line in the sand” and said no more

RT @nadinebh_: 1/ Black self-promotion is important so: I‘ll be finishing my NCTJ in August, & I do not have a job lined up. I got into journalism to give black people a voice, & after #GeorgeFloyd it’s never been more important. If you know of any opportunities, please get in touch.

RT @nadinebh_: The far-right marching into hotels trying round up refugees in 2020 - we’ve seen this brand of fascism before, and we’ve got to fight it with everything we’ve got. The far-right are the fastest growing terror threat - we have to start taking it seriously.

@dave_saul1 Our report. Launched last year. Says exactly the same thing. My tweet was sarcasm at the headline and the notion, undoubtedly he’d by some, we need permission for such policies. We don’t.

RT @jreynoldsMP: This week I went to see my GP, @tommacjones, to ask him what he thought of this election? He has a simple message about the NHS - thank you Tom

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) tweeted :

I will be joining Aden @XR for my first Instagram Live hosted by @indy_climate tomorrow at 4pm

RT @MarkPerryman: Great @sussex_express coverage of the Lewes Valentines Day Food Banks Appeal has @MarkPerryman pondering a 10 point plan on what the Lewes expeience has taught him about coalition-building… @misterapb @GerryMitchell2 @paulmasonnews

RT @nr2biggive: We're small group of friends doing a kindness collection for staff at @NNUH this Saturday in #Norwich #NR2 and #NR3. Please RT to help us spread the word, thank you! @NorwichLabour @labourlewis

RT @AnthonyBarnett: In the US there is resistance where is it in the UK? ⁦@redhistorian⁩@labourlewis⁩ GOP lawmakers propose flurry of voting restrictions to placate Trump supporters - The Washington Post…