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RT @BritsWatch: Very much at it again

RT @PublicPolicyS: @KerryMP it's true nothing in law that a Minister is either a MP or Member of Lords.

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) tweeted :

In a time of chimpanzees I was a monkey... #Loser

@gardengrump @MarkAvery Well the it’s definitely wrong.

RT @DaveSandilands: @KerryMP #unusualbigwordsinsongs Birdhouse In Your Soul by They Might Be Giants contains the word filibuster https://t…

Kerry McCarthy (Labour) tweeted :

Last night when I could t sleep I was compiling a list of #unusualbigwordsinsongs like filibuster, terrarium, oceanography, facsimile, sericulture... Any more suggestions? Must by 4 syllables or more. Bonus points if anyone knows a song about prorogation.

RT @AndyBellUK: ++ BREAKING NEWS ++ : Prime Minister, David Cameron, releases emergency response to #LondonRiots

RT @KerryMP: Heading back into Chamber now for the SO24 or what is formally known by MPs as “the standing up bit”.

RT @sarahditum: Thanks to @bimbadew, @mrdiscopop, @KerryMP, @kristinhersh & everyone else who helped with this piece about baby songs ht ...

RT @robertguzder: @KerryMP 20,000 acres, £125M, taking public money, & can trace his ancestry to Eliz I's inner circle? Which party does ...