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Labour MP for Worsley & Eccles South

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RT @Kirsty_H220: Do not, I repeat, do not try to use your autistic child as an excuse when I have not been out my front door for 9 weeks and I am here on my OWN with my 2 #autistic #ADHD children. You’ve done enough. Please. #dominiccummimgs #autism

RT @doctor_oxford: I have been forced to explain to distraught families why they cannot visit their dying loved ones in hospital - over & over & over again. Yet Dominic Cummings thinks it's OK to flout the rules with impunity? It's disgraceful and he has to resign.…

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: Wonder if we'll see the same interview pre-cursor for the male leadership candidates

RT @hansmollman: RT @hansmollman: Wow what a time to be alive, they're allowing WIVES out of houses to WIN things like Olympic MEDALS…

Barbara Keeley (Labour) tweeted :

It's not right that health and care workers from abroad are asked to pay hundreds of pounds to use the NHS they work in. We're asking the PM to drop the charge. With us

RT @Kelly020479: RT @Kelly020479: Tonight's #bbcqt has cemented my decision. @Andy4Leader gets my vote. #Labourleadership

RT @k8tloucribbin: RT @k8tloucribbin: After weeks of deliberation and swaying between Corbyn and Burnham, I've finally decided #Andy4Leader is getting my vote

RT @AndyBurnhamGM: The Government says it is being fair to councils in the North. Here is a table with their latest allocations. You decide.

RT @AlistairBurtUK: The nice thing about no longer being an MP or Minister is that I can say these people talk bollocks and they deserve all they get.

RT @salford_mayor: Worrying developments with government’s First Homes consultation & recent guidance asking councils to be ‘pagmatic’ with enforcing section 106 obligations. With a housing & homelessness crisis & >85,000 households on waiting lists in GM, how will this help?…