All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Ellesmere Port & Neston. Local, hard-working & on your side. Shadow Health Minister. Shadow Employment Rights Minister. Shadow of his former self.

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RT @Go_CheshireWest: Due a garden waste collection today? All garden waste collections are suspended so that resources can be concentrated on maintaining your scheduled household collection service. Find out when your scheduled recycling and waste collections are:

RT @HALOLeaseRipoff: RT @HALOLeaseRipoff: @justinmadders Justin, here's a list of fees we've found ground rent cos are charging.… And v…

If you are self-isolating and are unable to get to the shops, and do not qualify for the Council HELP scheme, we can offer supplies delivered to your door. Phone: 0151 357 2092 Email: No payment but if you can please make a donation to West Cheshire Foodbank

RT @tarajaneoreilly: It's been over two years since the Referendum - now how do we heal the divide between the 52% and the 48%? Join @TribuneMPs on Monday to explore what led us to where we are, and how we build a future for Britain that brings together leavers & remainers:

RT @tarajaneoreilly: 🚨🚨🚨 HELLO! A group of current & former women parliamentary staffers have set up a cover letter/CV advice resource for women looking to get jobs in Westminster for MPs - please share:…

RT @tarajaneoreilly: No amount of face masks, wine in Strangers’ bar or lavender oil will serve as antidotes to the ridiculous hours, intense pressure and vitriolic arguments rife in politics at the moment. Me on Brexit impacting our mental health in Westminster:… @theipaper

RT @tarajaneoreilly: "We cannot lecture others over the way they treat their staff if we cannot get our own house in order. We should be an example of best practice, not worst." This is great from @justinmadders - we need more MPs to champion making Westminster a better place…

Theres under a month until the end of the consultation, so if you haven't signed a shared the petition to save the seco fire engine in Ellesmere Port, please do so now!

RT @grace_ashworth_: RT @grace_ashworth_: Moving words spoken by @justinmadders in Ellesmere Port tonight in a vigil for Jo Cox ❤️