All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @CateKeller1: RT @CateKeller1: Absolutely! They are on their way back now.…

RT @CateKeller1: RT @CateKeller1: @jon_trickett shook our garage door in South Kirkby ◽

@annaturley @peterkyle Dreadful people

@PeoplesMomentum @daisycarter__ It’s right to have hustings where piss. Decisions made about candidate lists handed down from on high lack credibility

RT @PeoplesMomentum: They'll be joining the candidates who stood unopposed and were endorsed immediately: Jess Barnard for Chair Shannon Jezzard for Eastern Patricia Johnston for Scotland Nekisa Gholami-Babaahmady for South East Nazifa Zaman for West Midlands Annie Maloney for Yorkshire

RT @Miners_Strike: During the #MinersStrike the National Coal Board stopped deliveries of coal to striking miners. Entire families were often forced to go coal picking in dangerous conditions on spoil heaps to collect coal to heat homes.

RT @Miners_Strike: RT @Miners_Strike: Women Against Pit Closures on the picket line at Hatfield Main Colliery during #MinersStrike

@michalrozworski That’s really good

Jon Trickett (Labour) tweeted :

Jean Jaurès , Socialiste, tué ce jour 1918 par un droitiste au début de premier guerre mondiale. “Pourquoi ont ils tué Jaurès?” Ne l’oublie jamais!…

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: If you only do one thing tonight, switch everything off and watch this. It’s brilliant Then join us