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Born and bred in the Great County of Yorkshire. Former Leader of Leeds City Council. Proud Labour MP For Hemsworth constituency. There is a better way.

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Jon Trickett MP (Labour) tweeted :

During the pandemic: • 1,000 Billionaires' wealth soared £2.76 billion • Lost workers' wages were £2.62 billion Follow the brass and you’ll see what’s been going on whilst we were all focussing on the virus

RT @jon_trickett: Two Tier Pandemic! • 132,000 people asked to self isolate were refused the £500 grant (total £66m) • Meanwhile 2,300 ‘managers’ of Test & Trace are raking in £163,000 salaries (total £374.9m) Under the Tories, money doesn't trickle down, its pumped upwards!

RT @jon_trickett: Note to Labour leadership as we approach the budget. Never mind tinkering with the economy, we need radical transtormative change. Look at this: 1600 richest people made more in a year than everyone in the whole of the North of England in 2019.

RT @jon_trickett: Test & Trace • 97% of Contacts reached by NHS Tracers • 67% of Contacts reached by Private Health Tracers Outsourcing isn’t just cronyism, it’s costing lives

RT @jon_trickett: Extreme Cronyism • Completely immoral that government are charging up to 700,000 households £50 per month for loans to remove cladding • Meanwhile we have just discovered that building firms who use the Grenfell Cladding have donated £2.5 million to the Tory Party Stop this

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: Labour candidates should be selected by the membership, not the hierarchy.

Jon Trickett MP (Labour) tweeted :

Compare and Contrast.

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: On reflection I agree he shouldn't resign..... He should be sacked & then in court!

RT @jon_trickett: RT @jon_trickett: On reflection I agree he shouldn't resign..... He should be sacked & then in court!

RT @LabourOutlook: Turning to “outdated & unelected” Mandelson won’t help Labour 🌹 @JessicaLBarnard & Young Labour voices respond to Starmer bringing Mandelson back We need forward thinking & socialist solutions to address the crises of our time not a return to Blairism📢…