All deleted tweets from politicians

Scottish Labour MSP for Dumbarton. Constituents please email me as requests or casework on Twitter may be lost.

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RT @AuditorGenScot: My one-minute take on the challenges facing children and young people's #mentalhealth services in #Scotland - and what needs to happen next.

RT @AuditorGenScot: Out today: My report into the challenges @scotgov are facing as they put new Scotland Acts powers into practice.

RT @AuditorGenScot: RT @AuditorGenScot: Briefing @SP_PAPLS this morning on my recent reports re @edinburghcoll @MorayCollege & @lccuhi:

RT @AuditorGenScot: RT @AuditorGenScot: In #Scotland we have the chance to create a world class approach to #publicfinance. Let's not waste it:…

Jackie Baillie (Labour) tweeted :

It's essential that the Scottish Government works with the aviation sector and trade unions to develop a recovery plan that saves and protects jobs. Watch my full exchange here:

RT @Paullynch46Paul: RT @Paullynch46Paul: WDC happier to buy, and fly, a flag than fix this danger. @jackiebmsp @MartinJDocherty What the hell is going on ? htt…

RT @Paullynch46Paul: RT @Paullynch46Paul: Love this work in Dumbarton, Scotland

RT @Paullynch46Paul: RT @Paullynch46Paul: Well done @jackiebaillie16 We need politicians who aren't sheepish to the Party. Standing up for common sense. https:/…

RT @nicolejoyce92: RT @nicolejoyce92: Citizen of the year. Collecting award from Provost Douglas McAllister and Alistair MacNish. #Proud2bWD…

RT @nicolejoyce92: RT @nicolejoyce92: With Provost Douglas Mcallister. Citizen of the year! Over the moon. #Proud2bWD