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RT @mcin321: Why I am supporting @jackiebmsp proposed amendment to Scottish Government legislation to help people struggling with debt in Scotland as a result of Covid 19.

RT @mcin321: Why I am supporting @jackiebmsp 2nd proposed amendment to the @scotgov Coronavirus (S) (No 2) Bill. Her amendment is that no-one in Scotland should have to pay an application fee to go bankrupt regardless of the procedure they use.

RT @mcin321: My article in today's @ScottishLegal on why the proposed amendments to the @scotgov latest Coronavirus Bill by @jackiebmsp are vital to help Scotland avoid a serious debt crisis.…

RT @mcin321: 1) As the @ScotParl consider @jackiebmsp amendments to the @scotgov Coronavirus Bill to make life easier for people who get into debt because of this Crisls, some MSPs will talk about "striking the correct" balance between creditor and debtor

RT @mcin321: I am in no doubt @jackiebmsp amendments to the Coronavirus Bill about debt will be implemented in the rest of the UK within 3 mths. If the @scotgov don't implement them, they will be playing catch up and it will be Scotland's Shame @Feorlean @jamiehepburn @NicolaSturgeon

RT @mcin321: It is brilliant to see @moneyadvicescot, the Voice of Scotland's Money Advice Sector, are supporting @jackiebmsp attempts to get interest frozen on all debts when a Moratorium is used. @CitAdviceScot have also supported the measure as has @GovanLawCentre. @Feorlean

RT @mcin321: I urge all Members of the Scottish Parliament to vote for @jackiebmsp amendment to Statutory Moratoriums. Its supported by @GovanLawCentre @StepChange @moneyadvicescot @CitAdviceScot and all your local advice agencies. The technical issues are a smokescreen by @AiB_updates

RT @mcin321: 1) Couple of months ago, I worked with @jackiebmsp to propose an amendment to the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill that would have seen interest and charges on debt frozen.

RT @mcin321: 3) Remember @theSNP and @ScotTories rejected this in Scotland, meaning the worst hit by thos crisis will have seen their debts rise with hundreds if not thousands of pounds unnecessarily.

RT @mcin321: 2) @theSNP @JennyGilruth and the @ScotTories on the advice of the @AiB_updates said it was too hard, couldn't work and that the UK Government wouldn't do it. Today Boris Johnstone laid the draft Regulations that will see it implemented in England and Wales on the 4th May 2021.