All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MSP for Central Scotland. Scottish Labour Parliamentary Business Manager.

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Elaine Smith MSP (Labour) tweeted : "We desperately need policies that reverse the growing inequality, a govt that values local delivery & decentralisation, & funding decisions which give councils the investment they badly need. "

RT @JournoStephen: .@ScotTories leader @Douglas4Moray calls on the Lord Advocate to answer questions in Holyrood about the Crown Office 'strong arming Parliament and suppressing evidence... to protect Nicola Sturgeon'.

RT @LindseyAGerman: RT @LindseyAGerman: Learning little: Johnson and the great schools gamble…

Elaine Smith MSP (Labour) tweeted :

@DrEmmaRich I can just lllpp

RT @AFK103: "Cruachan, the “hollow mountain” hydro-electric scheme in Argyll, has won a six-year contract to help stabilise the national grid as more wind turbines, solar panels and other intermittent renewable energy devices are connected to the network."…

RT @AFK103: Wonderful to learn former Coatbridge MP Tom Clarke is to be knighted. Can’t be many ex-MPs who have been knighted by a Queen and a Pope.

RT @AFK103: RT @AFK103: Scotland is a permanent member of the UN Security Council as we are part of the U.K.

RT @AFK103: RT @AFK103: From dust we came, unto dust we shall return. #AshTag @FrKane

RT @BrianSpanner1: In fairness they bought an airport with virtually no flights and built ferries with no engines. Perhaps we're being too harsh. They have tried.

RT @mrs__gardener: @elainesmithmsp @Sheilam19534814 @NicolaSturgeon @SCO_NEWS @BishopsScotland Why did you tag nicola sturgeon in this? Did you keep palms from last year?