All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Kingston Upon Hull North since 2005. For casework please e-mail or call 01482 319135.

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Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

Thank you to members in Hull North Labour Party returning their postal votes this weekend. Had lots of photos from members #WeBackDiana

@CllrFareham I am vey pleased.

RT @hullopendays: Here are our lovely Student Ambassadors! They'll be on info points to answer questions or give directions until 12:30 htt…

RT @CCriadoPerez: This discriminates against women @tfl since women need the toilet more frequently. What are you going to suggest to pregn…

RT @JamesMelville: The UK doesn’t make any isotopes. 90% of the materials needed for scans and cancer treatments come from the EU. Isotopes…

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

Proud to support the #NorthernForest 🌳 initiative alongside 120 political leaders from across the North of England.Our target of 50m trees would establish 24k hectares of woodland, absorb up to 7.5m tonnes of carbon, reduce flooding, create jobs & improve wellbeing.

RT @Daniel_Sugarman: Look, I'm sorry but I'm going to miss Philip May

RT @Daniel_Sugarman: How about this for a conversation between Labour MPs?

Diana Johnson (Labour) tweeted :

This President is very cool!😎

RT @PolhomeEditor: Powerful piece here for @CentralLobby by @HelenJonesMP, who says Labour is failing to tackle a culture of bullying and h…