All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Kingston Upon Hull North since 2005. Member of Health Select Committee. For casework please e-mail or call 01482 319135.

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RT @paulmasonnews: To the Lexit cranks slagging off ⁦⁦@tom_watson⁩ for mooting a new a membership vote on our Brexit position... would it b…

RT @iainoverton: Overwhelmingly white, pasty and male: our future. Note: 17 angry men in ties and not one woman.

RT @CuteEmergency: Goldens discover how fun a slide is😊

RT @CuteEmergency: I will find you. And I will catch you.

RT @CuteEmergency: JoJo is a trained dentist assistant who makes sure patients don't feel anxious or stressed during their appointment…

RT @CuteEmergency: Did someone say treat?!