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RT @andymc_uk: RT @andymc_uk: @DavidCrausby The north remembers. #WinterIsComing

RT @damonbwfc: It was very interesting listening @DavidCrausby talking about politics with @SharplesSchool Y11 students this afternoon. One week until a visit to Westminster and The Globe!

RT @BoltonFor: Nobody voted for Brexit to deprive cancer patients of their treatment. @CGreenUK @DavidCrausby @YasminQureshiMP #notonodeal…

RT @rumubeso: @ClareKenyon1 @northern_resist @DavidCrausby I feel bad for HIW and Bromley Cross passengers. They are in the middle of bad and worse on that line :(

RT @IvanLewis_MP: See my open letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. #ClimateChange is a crucial issue which affects us all and protecting the planet for future generations must be a priority. I am heartened by the cross-party support shown by my colleagues.

RT @IvanLewis_MP: RT @IvanLewis_MP: (2/5) Andy will have the full support of me and my supporters in the campaign which lies ahead.

David Crausby (Labour) retweeted @jaacq1 :

RT @jaacq1: #LabourOfLove #Bolton can you help David get the message out there? #EveryvoteCounts #PeoplePower to win this election #VoteLabour2019 #GE2019 👇…

RT @bigfatgayface: RT @bigfatgayface: @DavidCrausby Just watched your whole speech, very well done. And well done for securing the debate in the first place.

RT @oliverperfumer: @DavidCrausby in 2007 I lost my job because of how crap the Westhoughton to Mcr Pic train was. The part from Wessy to Bolton was fine but once we hit Bolton we could sometimes be stood for 40 mins. I was nearly always late.

RT @mattforde: Just read the Conservative Manifesto. It's as if the last 9 years didn't happen. Promising 20,000 more police officers - because they cut them by 20,000 End rough sleeping - a direct result of 9 years of Tory rule No responsibility taken for what they've done to the country.