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RT @AlsdrHill: Most important point from the #DominicCummngs statement is that he confirms things that @BorisJohnson flat out rejected happened only yesterday (B Castle). Either way, Johnson has lied to the country at a time of a National Crisis to cover up his mate. Not fit to govern.

Haringey young people are responding in a creative way to our troubled times. Watch this video and RT!

RT @BellRibeiroAddy: When did other European countries make it mandatory to #WearAMask on public transport & in shops? 🇨🇿 Mar 18 🇸🇰 Mar 25 🇦🇹 Apr 06 🇩🇪 Apr 22 🇫🇷 May 10 🇪🇸 May 20 When did our Government make it mandatory? 🇬🇧 Jun 15th (public transport) 🇬🇧 Jul 14th (shops) Too slow again.

RT @MrAdamMcCann: RT @MrAdamMcCann: So exciting to be in attendance for this celebratory event! Thanks!! ◽◽

RT @wdjstraw: The poster No. 10 wouldn’t let us use in 2016. Seems appropriate to unveil it today as Johnson sets out his Farage-ist “No Deal” pitch.

RT @Ali_Abdi_Ali: RT @Ali_Abdi_Ali: Today’s vote is so important. Please vote @UKLabour. #VoteLabour

Catherine West (Labour) retweeted @Gedk :

RT @Gedk: 👏🏻👏🏻 👏🏻 Delighted @RLong_Bailey and @UKLabour will protect free access to cash and stand up for our high streets by banning ATM charges. We are heading towards a cashless society, but we’re not there yet. No one should be forced to pay to access their own money.…