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Labour MP for Wallasey. Author ‘The New Serfdom - the triumph of conservative ideas and how to defeat them’

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RT @MyIPhon61880427: I’ve just signed the petition to cut beer tax. I’m calling on my MP @MaryRobinson01 to fight for a Beer Duty cut at the next budget. Sign the petition to cut beer tax at #longlivethelocal

Angela Eagle (Labour) retweeted @UKLabour :

RT @UKLabour: Happy #BiVisibilityDay to the bi community, from all of us here at Labour. No matter where you are in your journey, know that Labour’s got your back. LGBT+ rights are human rights, and we’re proud to stand with the LGBT+ community.

RT @mrjamesob: If only we’d listened to hauliers, customs agents, couriers & greengrocers instead of Digby Jones, Nigel Farage, Dominic Raab & Andrea Leadsom...

Angela Eagle (Labour) retweeted @UKLabour :

RT @UKLabour: RT @UKLabour: The government should be concentrating on public health. But this shows where their priorities really lie.…

RT @NickCohen4: "The UK opted for a worst deal than it had. All that remains to be discovered is how much worse. Everything else is spin." @sturdyAlex…

RT @CommonsTreasury: What are the #ChallengesOfRecovery from #coronavirus? We've published a new report today calling for the Chancellor to carefully consider a targeted extension to the Job Retention Scheme. Read the highlights here

RT @CommonsTreasury: We've just published the second report of our Economic Impact of #Coronavirus inquiry: #ChallengesOfRecovery. We've urged the Chancellor to carefully consider a targeted extension to the Job Retention Scheme. Read it, with quotes from @MelJStride, here:…

RT @Alison_McGovern: Michael Gove to me in June: 'of course, we will always honour the withdrawal agreement' 'Of course'. How could anyone think otherwise

Angela Eagle (Labour) retweeted @tes :

RT @tes: Taylor says the secretary of state decides policy. Says @ofqual's advice was to either (1) hold socially distanced exams, (2) to delay exams or thirdly to give calculated advice. It was SoS who announced without further consultation to cancel exams.

RT @Mr_Tony_Green: A pleasure to be invited to the book launch of ‘The New Serfdom’ by @angelaeagle and Imran Ahmed at UNISON HQ this evening. Thanks for the signed copy. Looking forward to adding to my reading list.