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RT @Robzeeroo: RT @Robzeeroo: @joshyross @SharonHodgsonMP Stray polls were bit higher than the average lows but never convincing or sustained…

RT @UKLabour: The Conservatives plan to cut Universal Credit. Here’s Sharon’s message to Boris Johnson: “Please don’t. Please, please don’t. It’s going to break families”. #CancelTheCut

RT @JamesMelville: France 🇫🇷 are banning shops from throwing away unsold food and clothes and instead they have to donate the unsold products to charities and people who need it most. Please retweet if you think that your country should be doing the same.

RT @IGWilkinson: RT @IGWilkinson: #GE2017 might not be so bad after all - an opportunity to focus on children and young people's health!…

RT @PoliticsForAlI: RT @PoliticsForAlI: Keir Starmer is set to have a weekly column in The Telegraph Via @Independent

RT @overton66: If you are a child on Free School Meals in Bristol this is what you get for the week. The school pays the contractor £11 for this. Check out the butter. We have 185 of these to distribute. Shameful!

RT @MarkFrance6: RT @MarkFrance6: This is apalling. Our brave new post-Gove educational world is looking increasingly Dickensian...…

RT @panny_antoniou: @appsofthestu @mickhen86 @AnnelieseDodds @SharonHodgsonMP @UKLabour Labour were not responsible for the *global* recession and we were one of the fastest countries to begin our recovery thanks to Gordon Brown. It’s the Tories and austerity who set us back