All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ShukerOffice: Vital discussion at Labour conference on the need for an ‘abolitionist’ law to #enddemand for prostitution:…

RT @ZaidJilani: RT @ZaidJilani: 492 billionaires in America and not a one has thought to dress up like a bat at night and beat up criminals

RT @PetMonkee: @andycarlos @garyrowl @SarahChampionMP @Cornish_Damo The investigator who had worked on 7/11 was so clear on Newsnight. Priority: create a centre for survivors to go to. Distribute stuff/info

RT @stevenpbook: @SarahChampionMP @brubanter @TheAA_UK Hi Sarah, I was driving in one on the m5 (j17 to 16) and a lorry pulled into me. Nowhere to go, just a large barrier directly to my left. I was very lucky the lorry driver realised what he’d done and that he knew to pull back and screened my somewhat bashed car with his lorry.

RT @UKYP_Amaan: RT @UKYP_Amaan: Massive congrats to @SarahChampionMP on Being elected as @CommonsIDC chair◽

Sarah Champion (Labour) tweeted :

Waiting to speak in Parliament to demand real Government action to prevent grooming gangs & demand transparent and accountability of police

RT @VotingRed: RT @VotingRed: @SarahChampionMP Government sold us a lie with HRA. Same problems in South Derbyshire. #weboughtourownhousesfromagovwhodidnt…

Sarah Champion (Labour) tweeted :

Please that my question in parliament secured a commitment from the Secretary of State for @DFID_UK to continue the focus on employing and educating women and girls.