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MP for Brentford & Isleworth (including Hounslow Osterley & Chiswick) Email Updates:

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Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweeted :

A great appointment - someone who really knows what local ciu cols can do, & should be allowed to do

RT @TheIFS: Low earners are seven times as likely as high earners to have worked in a sector that is now shut down in response to the #coronavirus pandemic.

RT @TomJHarper: Breaking - 9 Russian businessmen who gave money to the Conservative party are named in a secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy which was suppressed last week by Downing Street. See tomorrow’s Sunday Times story with @cazjwheeler

RT @Konnie_Huq: For today's 10am vid I've done a kids' explainer of the Coronavirus, where it came from, what it is, how it multiplies etc. It also has how to make pop-up cards, and some emotional support tips please tweet and spread the word to anyone with

Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour) tweeted :

Our NHS needs us now! To support our local @WestMidHospital and their staff, please donate to their CW+ charity -…

RT @mikeynevitt: @RuthCadbury @allpartycycling @BromptonBicycle @C2WA @pedalmeapp Great to see! I am also a recent e-bike convert. Love it and now commute to work on it 8 miles each way every day, reducing overcrowding on the tube. Have you seen this article, Ruth?…

RT @Gabriel_Pogrund: EXC 🚨 The government will permit the use of abortion pills at home during the Coronavirus epidemic Matt Hancock performs the U-turn after his department issued, then withdrew, guidance last week The measure lasts up to 2yrs for women <10wks pregnant. By me and @cazjwheeler 1/3

RT @LucyRigby: That's good of us, 'allowing' foreign doctors to stay... caring for us, curing illness, ensuring NHS able to function etc. How gracious.…

RT @LucyRigby: Number of ppl forced to sleep rough is a reflection of kind of society we are. That number fell under Lab; it's up every year under Tories.…

RT @LucyRigby: Good move. Corbyn absolutely right on this & that UK should be leading the way on fight against climate change. Corbyn backs call for MPs’ pension fund to divest fossil fuels… via @FT