All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @jonnycurrie: New contact tracing data for Wales week 6-12 Sept - 95% cases reached - 88% of their contacts reached - 92% contacts reached by 24 hrs, 98% by 48 hours This is what a #worldbeating contact tracing system looks like, run by #local authorities & public health teams #COVID19Wales

RT @clembo3rc: RT @clembo3rc: What an utterly unlikeable man Chris Bryant is. So up his own arse it's not true #dailypolitics #pmqs

RT @lukemcgee: Boris Johnson asked by @RhonddaBryant why he never corrects the record if he lies in parliament. He did so today on the EMA question of vaccine rollouts…

RT @WinstonCProject: .@RhonddaBryant Putting @BorisJohnson in tight positions during the Liaison Committee. Johnson not looking happy being scrutinised. Bryant questions Johnson on his dishonesty. The awkward atmosphere was quite something from Johnson. 🏴‍☠️

RT @WinstonCProject: .@pritipatel failed to deliver the Daniel Morgan murder-scandal-report, which was requested by @RhonddaBryant this week. The Murdoch protective ring continues. We will keep mentioning it, until it is published. Tory Party are the party of a cover-up, not the Law & Order Party. 🏴‍☠️

RT @WinstonCProject: "Cross-party group of MPs and peers to challenge PM over Russia report." "The case is thought to be the first time that sitting MPs or peers have taken legal action against the Government on the grounds of national security." The group of MPs vs. @BorisJohnson happening now. 🏴‍☠️

RT @WinstonCProject: RT @WinstonCProject: .@RhonddaBryant Sending a powerful, potent, clear, direct message to @pritipatel and the Tories.…

RT @matt_lissack: “Cardiff Bay” in the top 20 trends in the UK right now because of these scenes outside the Senedd. Cringing so hard for the rest of us right now.

RT @JasonCowleyNS: RT @JasonCowleyNS: On "national disgrace" - devastating by Matthew Parris