All deleted tweets from politicians

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Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @Colmci17 :

RT @Colmci17: @simonjamesgreen @gaystheword @scholasticuk Thanks for amazing recommendations this year. You’ve kept us going in lockdown. Glamour Boys @RhonddaBryant really engaged me and wasn’t sure about how heavy it might be! @mcashmanCBE is the stand out for me & @Doug_D_Stuart for 2020 although Loving really moved me profoundly

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @Colmci17 :

RT @Colmci17: What an incredible read. Completely fascinating @RhonddaBryant @gaystheword a definite must read - just incredible and so well researched

RT @visitparliament: More dates just added for the popular @209Women exhibition in Portcullis House. Tickets available on Fridays 18 January and 1 February. ➡️

RT @visitparliament: Born #OTD Margaret Bondfield one of the first women Labour MPs elected in 1923 and the 1st female UK Cabinet Minister and Privy Councillor.

RT @visitparliament: RT @visitparliament: Light sculpture #NewDawn, a brilliant new addition to Westminster Hall @visitparliament. https…

RT @LukeOHolland: This was how @Adamprice dismissed @vaughangething’s objections to his repeated use of language on race and reparations. “Pathetic” and “baseless”. And the kicker? Price will remain in post. And none of the usual Welsh commentariat will say a dickie bird.

RT @LukeOHolland: Listening to @MarkDrakeford on @BBCr4today and struck by his quiet authority & fundamental decency. The Wales vax figs are a validation of his & @vaughangething’s - once maligned - approach. Wales is leading the UK. But instead if crowing, he just those who made it happen. Class.

RT @LukeOHolland: There’s something truly astonishing happening in Wales tonight. Seems like people valued it. And voted for it. @WelshLabour #MovingWalesForward

RT @LukeOHolland: On @BBCNews lunchtime bulletin, a possible SNP majority in Scotland is deemed more newsworthy than an *actual* Welsh Labour working majority in Wales. The disparity of coverage is thoroughly depressing.