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Labour MP for the Rhondda

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Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @hkev21 :

RT @hkev21: RT @hkev21: Just missed the @guardian web Q&A with @ChrisBryantMP but you can read his responses here @createglos

RT @adrianmcmenamin: Ian Botham came to Labour HQ in 2005 and I showed him in. He struck me as a really nice guy. But I wouldn't expect him to light up the debates in their lordships house - he didn't seem to know all that much about politics.

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @huwbbc :

RT @huwbbc: I would always defend the right of my MP to vote according to her conscience even if I strongly disagreed with her. That’s what representative parliamentary democracy is all about. #brexitbill #BrexitDeal

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @duaoel :

RT @duaoel: RT @duaoel: just found this clip from the 2001 election of a journalist roasting Boris Johnson... I have to share it

RT @joeIjoeIjoel: RT @joeIjoeIjoel: Blair responding to a lady who said “you’ve done nothing in a year” is making me turn into a blairite…

RT @sirwilcox: Residents of Brocks/Danygraig Terrace in the #Rhondda decorate the entire street with rainbow bunting in tribute to and appreciation of young @WelshAmbulance paramedic Charlotte Cope who lived there and died last week. Rest In Peace Charlotte. 💔@RhonddaBryant @AlexDaviesJones

Chris Bryant (Labour) retweeted @wdjstraw :

RT @wdjstraw: This was the Vote Leave pledge signed by @BorisJohnson @michaelgove & @patel4witham in June 2016. The Gov needs to urgently clarify why it is now planning to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on Oct 31st. #nomandate…

RT @PeterRNeumann: Boris claims that no country has a working app. But German Health Secretary @jensspahn seems to agree with @Keir_Starmer.

RT @martin_cameron: @RhonddaBryant Thank you for pointing out on #skynews the hypocrisy of T. May insisting on 3,4,5 votes for her failed deal while denying us, the people, the chance to vote on this important issue now the facts are before us.